Cyclocross clincher wheels | tubeless disc 11 speed ready

The Stans Crest MK III rim is a great choice for tubeless cyclocross racing. At under 1480g the pair, it has the strength and stiffness usually found in much heavier rims and we hand build them with Novatec 11 speed disc hubs as standard or with upgrades to Hope RS4 or DT Swiss 350. There is a 40 psi max limit on this rim. Supplied in QR or Thru bolt configuration. £399.95 a pair IN STOCK READY TO RIDE.


Cyclocross Clincher Wheels

These cyclocross clincher wheels use Stan’s Crest MK III rims as it is (ideally) run tubeless. The Crest MK III offers a high grade alloy at a low weight (380g in the workshop) with strength and stiffness characteristics usually found in heavier rims. The 23mm internal bead width perfectly fits tubeless ready CX tyres, offering good traction at low psi for these cyclocross clincher wheels. Tubeless clincher rims allow a rider to easily swap tyre(s) between events, allowing for changes in conditions such a hard fast circuits to deep mud and slippery roots. We fit 2 wraps of tubeless tape as standard and can supply valves along with 250ml of sealant so you are ready to go race. We have written a tubeless set up how-to guide with photos here.

What about Stans Iron Cross?

We have built plenty of Crest MK III rims and the older Iron Cross. In comparison, the Crest III is significantly stiffer for the same weight. The CX tyre seats nicely on the Crest with no issues. If you want a clincher rim to use for mixed road (at above 40psi) / CX / Gravel use then Stans Grail is the better choice.


The standard Novatec 771 + 772 hubs are a good quality, light hub with good flange placement for a strong build. They’re 11 speed ready and fitted with the ABG (anti bite guard) freehub. They have press fit bearings and can be swapped easily by a competent home mechanic. We have spare free hubs and XD drivers in stock if needed. We also offer upgrades to the Hope RS4 or DT Swiss 350 (DT 240 or CK R45 Disc on request).


We use Alpina black bladed spokes in black with ultra light DT Swiss Squorx silver alloy nipples with plastic lock insert for durability for these cyclocross clincher wheels. We have found the DT Squorx has the best fit to the rim drilling as opposed to slightly larger alternative nipples.


1485g a pair

QR or Thru Axle?

Some of the latest generation of CX  bikes are now being produced with beefier rear 142 x 12 and forks with 12 or 15mm thru axles to reduce frame and fork flex. Check the manufacturer’s specification or check with us if you are in doubt over the correct end caps. All hubs listed here can be specified with or swapped from QR to Thru bolt configurations if you want to upgrade your bike in the future.

New to tubeless?

Running tubeless allows the rider to lower the tyre pressure to between 22 and 28 psi, gaining more traction in muddy or slippery conditions. Doing this with an inner tube can cause pinch flats as the rim nips the tube when you hit an object. By using an airtight rim tape wrapped twice round the rim bed and a valve fixed into the rim you can remove the inner tube and allow the tyre bead to seal against the rim to form an airtight space. A liquid sealant is added to help seal the tyre to the rim and it also will be forced into a hole if the tyre is punctured usually allowing it to seal within milliseconds without needing to be repaired. There are a number of tubeless specific tyres available from Maxxis, Schwalbe and Clement.

If you want tubulars then do have a look at our our 38mm carbon tubular wheels.


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