If you clatter into a pothole riding the chain gang after dark or the 4 ft drop off on the Welsh Trails was a bit ambitious then please contact Strada first to discuss the repair then follow this quick set of instructions on how to prepare, pack and ship wheels to Strada.

Strada rebuild wheels

Photo by Nippy Norman.


1. Remove the magnet, tyres, inner tubes and rim tapes. Remove the cassette and quick releases.

2. Wash your wheels with warm water to remove excess dirt and grime.

3. Get a proper fitting robust wheel box from your local bike shop. Give them £2 for the tea fund.

4. Pack the wheels into the box, make sure there is extra padding on the internal sides to prevent the axles ends poking through the cardboard in transit.

5. Write your name, address, phone number and email address on paper inside the box clearly visible to us and ideally a print out of the quote for repair from the email.

The delivery address is: Strada Wheels, Unit 1 Gaugemaster Way, Arundel, Bn18 0RX Arundel, West Sussex, T: 01903 214956.

6. Book the box to ship, we recommend that you DO NOT USE Hermes or Yodel. Let us know the box has shipped.

7. We will inspect the box for damage on arrival and sign for it but we will not take responsibility for damage in transit.

We will assess the wheels and provide a quote for repair and return shipping. If you decide to go ahead please let me know, if you decide not to you need to pay for them to be returned to you. If we do not hear from you within 30 days from the quote being supplied we have the right to dispose of the wheels however we see fit as we do not have space to hold them indefinitely.

Thanks, Darren