P+K Lie Wheel Truing Stand

P+K Lie wheel truing stand

We are really pleased to be using the P+K Lie Wheel Truing Stand manufactured in Hamburg, Germany. We spotted this whilst at Eurobike 2010 and were immediately impressed by so many of the features and sheer quality of the engineering. It weighs 9.2 kgs so is very stable and a solid base for daily use. The aluminium and brass components are so finely milled it is incredible. The two round gauges indicate the lateral and radial variation to within 0.05mm (that is the width of a human hair!) using a pair of drag rollers that run along the rim. This makes it quick to adjust an alloy or carbon rim to true.

There are only four of these truing stands being used in the UK on a commercial basis that we are aware of. The importance of having an accurate and reliable wheel truing stand cannot be understated and shows Strada’s commitment to hand building some of the best carbon and alloy wheels in the UK today. We are so proud of our P+K stand we have used it in our first advertising campaign.

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