Bicycle wheel builder tensing spokes
Darren at work

Owner / Director and Head Wheel Builder

Darren is passionate about the difference a custom hand built set of wheels can make to the ride and handling of your bike. He has seen (and trued) enough machine made wheels to understand the positive impact that a skilled wheel builder working in conjunction with a customer can make to the handling and performance of your bike. 

Darren has built well in excess of 20,000 wheels  and frequently builds wheels for both Tour de France and Olympic Champions. Darren trained with Mavic in the UK and DT Swiss in Switzerland but more importantly he has 18 + years experience in hand wheel building. Along with his immense experience, Darren also has Cytech level 3 qualifications in both Wheel and Bicycle maintenance. Darren rode for 3 years on the GB trials team and hates walking anywhere. 

bicycle wheel builder tightening spokes
Michael at work.

Senior Wheel Builder / Head Of Decal Graphic Design. 

To say that Michael's very passionate about the art of wheel building and cycling would be doing him disservice. He absolutely loves it!! 

Michael joined the team at the start of 2019 and has established himself now as one of our senior wheel builders. Michael also controls the custom wheel building program and oversees all aspects of decal design for all our wheel sets.

As a junior Michael spent his time racing club time trials and has now joined the 2021 rider roster for TMC-Strada RT. At 6ft 5 and an FTP of 300+ Michael will happily lead our club rides without a mention of someone else taking a turn on the front.