We are proud of our wheelbuilding business and offer a full guarantee and free repair on any wheel that develops a fault within 1 year that is not due to rider error, accidents or excessive wear or tear. Wheels with evidence of, or suffering from, poor installation or repair, those that have been modified, those that have been used for purposes they were not built for, those showing signs of cosmetic or aesthetic marks, or those damaged in shipping to or from Strada are not covered by this warranty.

It is the wheel users responsibility to examine the wheel(s) on a regular basis to determine the need for service or replacement. If the component (rim or hub) fails through no fault of our own, then providing it is within the manufacturer’s guarantee period, the part should be returned to the manufacturer for them to inspect and take appropriate action. This includes Strada’s own brand hubs, rims or components. The client will be responsible for the cost of returning any faulty wheels or components to Strada.

Free truing service – we will always true your Strada Wheelset for free for life. You pay for carriage and we will true them. Please contact us as we get good rates with delivery companies.

Repairs – You ran over the wheel leaving the garage. You locked wheels and hit the road sprinting for the line. It does not matter how it happened – we can repair or rebuild our wheels or other brands too. We can rebuild wheels, upgrade the hub or spokes or build a favourite hub onto a new rim. Contact us for a quote.

Need a replacement in a hurry? Please get in touch and we may have a set we can lend you for the weekend.