Cyclocross/MTB tubeless set up kit | tape + valves + sealant

Everything you need to set your clincher wheels up tubeless for the whole season. This kit includes 21mm tape for 2x wheels, 2x valves and 250ml of OKO Magic Milk sealant.


Everything you need to set your clincher wheels up for tubeless cyclocross/MTB use for the whole season. This kit includes 21mm wide tape for two wheels, 2x valves and 250ml of OKO Magic Milk sealant.

OKO Magic Milk Tyre Sealant reduces the liklihood of a puncture to almost zero. It acts by sealing a hole to prevent flats after the tyre has been pierced. Tyre sealant can be used with tubeless ready tyres for optimal results and is also suitable for UST tubeless tyres.

Any puncture during the ride is automatically plugged because the sealant spreads evenly as a thin layer on the inside of the tyre while the bike is in motion. If the tyre is pierced, sealant is transported to the site of the puncture by the escaping air. A plug is then formed by the sealant drying under the influence of the escaping air. Thanks to the patented resins in the sealant, the plug remains in place and forms a permanent seal in the tube. All this takes one tenth of one second so you never even notice!

  • Less chance of punctures
  • Less chance of snakebite (punctures caused by compressing the tyre sidewall between the rim and trail obstacles)
  • Weight saving compared to both a full UST system or a traditional tyre and tube setup.
  • Reductions in rolling resistance
  • Increased traction and the ability to run lower pressures

If you need advice contact Strada via the contact form or call on 01903 214956.

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