Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Additional Payment Terms and Conditions:

APPROVAL: Please check the specification and price detailed on the pdf invoice attached carefully. Payment is considered as approval that you are satisfied with the specification and agree to our terms and conditions. Please note our Terms and Conditions are available here:

PAYMENT: You can pay (preferably) by electronic bank transfer using the details at the base of the invoice with your invoice number for reference or by card by following the link just below the VISA logo on left of the pdf invoice via a 3-D secure card payment portal. If you are using a VPN to conceal your IP address this will need to be deactivated before attempting payment by card.
NOTE: Please pay promptly as a delay can affect your position in the build queue.
DELIVERY: We work hard to keep delivery times to that we provided on the quote. However, there can sometimes be delays due to stock supply issues, illness or public holidays. Please consider we are a small business hand building wheels and delays can happen.
SHIPPING:  Shipping is via DPD for UK or TNT internationally. You will receive an email with a tracking number, this typically goes live around midnight that same night.
DPD Delivery service will include mobile text notifications should we have your contact number.
TURBO TRAINING: If you use a wheel on your turbo trainer the rear hub bearings are subjected to loads they are not designed to cope with (especially if you ride out of the saddle twisting the bike from vertical) and this can damage the bearings. We will NOT warranty turbo trainer damage and suggest you use a cheap or old wheel for this purpose.
TYRE PRESSURES: please follow the advice provided by Strada on suitable tyre pressures for your weight, wheels and the tyres fitted. Over inflation can cause damage or reduce the lifespan of the wheels. If you are unsure please call Strada for advice.
QUICK RELEASES: Shimano + Campagnolo  + Miche road hubs are supplied with QRs, all other brands DO NOT supply QRs as standard and need to be ordered with the wheel build or thereafter.
FEEDBACK: Once you have received your wheels we would be delighted to see a photo or two of them on your bike and maybe a few words on how the perform or after a big event for our Instagram or Facebook page #stradahandbuiltwheels. We are a small company and thrive on feedback from our customers, plus we love to see our wheels on all kinds of bikes and what our customers get up to.

Build Information: Please read the invoice carefully and the specification detailed as this is the information used to build your wheels. Strada Wheels Ltd builds wheels with the information provided by the client. If the information provided the client is inaccurate or false Strada Wheels Ltd will not accept responsibility for any issues of components not fitting correctly, defects or warranty issues which may subsequently arise.

Order cancellation and refund – if any order for complete wheels is cancelled at any time after the invoice has been approved and payment deducted / received from the customer but before building, the customer may be liable to bank, credit card, administration and restock fees to cover any cancellation charges incurred. If the build is underway or completed the refund will be minus bank, credit card, administration and restock fees plus cost for labour incurred plus shipping to and from the workshop. The colour, finish or aesthetics of the wheels are not covered under this. Any refunds are at the discretion of Strada Wheels Ltd.

Part(s) Order Exchange – if you are exchanging your product for a different item there may be bank, credit or administration fees to cover the cost of shipping / restocking charges involved.

Warranty – All Strada wheels have an intended and limited purpose, if they are used outside of that purpose, the wheels will not be guaranteed, the warranty is void and Strada Wheels Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury that may occur due to misuse. It is up to the user to prove that any defects are manufacturing defects or a fault of Strada Wheels Ltd. It is the wheel user’s responsibility to examine the wheel(s) on a regular basis to determine the need for service or replacement. Not covered under this warranty are the following:

Wheels supplied by Strada that have been trued by other individuals or businesses.

Wheels that have been modified, neglected or poorly maintained.

Wheels that have been jet washed or hosed forcefully.

Wheels that have been damaged in shipping.

Wheels that have been used for turbo training, racing, competition, polo/trials/stunt riding or for commercial use.

Wheels improperly installed or improperly repaired.

Personal injury or damage from causes such as a user’s lack of skill, judgement, use of incorrect tools, competence or experience.

The finish or aesthetics of the wheels are not covered under this warranty.

Any labour costs associated with the removal, replacement or reassembly of the product.

Normal wear to the product. Components may have symptoms of wear in less than 6 months depending on amount of use, type of use and other conditions such as terrain, weather, rider weight and accidents etc. This includes marking / jamming of alloy freehub bodies by steel cassettes. This includes products that have reached the end of their normal life expectancy.

Please note that it is Strada’s workmanship that is covered here and we are not responsible for any warranty costs involved in any defects which may arise in any components in normal use. Within their manufacturer’s guarantee period, these components should be returned to the manufacturer but it is up to the customer to make the decision to pursue a warranty claim and pay any costs involved.

Returns – occasionally, if a component fails you may need to return them. Strada Wheels Ltd will repair them free of charge if the conditions above have been adhered to and you can prove the work required is due to an issue with Strada Wheels Ltd’s workmanship. Again, if the component (rim or hub) fails through no fault of Strada Wheels Ltd, then providing it is within the manufacturer’s guarantee period, the part should be returned to the manufacturer for them to inspect and take appropriate action.

  • Customer pays for shipping of returns to Strada Wheels Ltd. A refund may be given at Strada Wheels Ltd’s discretion.
  • The customer must pre-pay return shipments unless other arrangements are made with Strada.
  • All cassettes, tyres, inner tubes, tubulars, QRs, tape, spoke magnets must be removed before shipping. Strada will not be responsible for loss or damage to these items whilst in the workshop or transit.
  • If your package arrives damaged or is lost in shipping Strada Wheels Ltd are not responsible. We suggest you use a tracked delivery service. We will visually inspect to the best of our abilities and sign for return deliveries and they will then become the responsibility of Strada.

Product Availability – in most cases Strada orders the product at the time the order is placed with us. This ensures that you receive the most up-to-date product. Strada Wheels Ltd takes no responsibility for any changes the manufacturer might make.

Weight – In most cases the weights listed on Strada Wheels Ltd web site are weighed ourselves or sometimes from the manufacturer. It has been our experience that these manufacturer supplied weights are accurate within 10%. Strada Wheels Ltd takes no responsibility and no refunds will be issued for inaccuracies in weight to wheels or components.

Image accuracy – Strada Wheels Ltd takes no responsibility for colour or logo discrepancies or changes. If the colour or the logo of the item you receive does not match the image on the web site no refund will be issued.

Finish / Quality / Colour discrepancy – The finish / quality / colour of items used may vary due to the nature of large volume mass manufacture, anodising and or powder coating. Rims, spokes or hubs of the same make and model may vary in finish or hue. We make every effort to ensure a perfect colour match. Strada Wheels Ltd takes no responsibility and no refunds will be issued.

Build decline – Strada Wheels Ltd reserves the right to decline a customer’s build if subsequent information provided makes the build unsuitable in Strada’s opinion.

Import duties – Strada Wheels Ltd are not responsible for the payment of local taxes upon import to your country.

No User Data is collected on this site by any third parties.

Strada Wheels Ltd reserves the right to amend any of its policies at any time.