H Plus Son Archetype | a modern wide rim

The H Plus Son Archetype is a modern looking road rim. At 480 grams, this rim has proven to be light yet not sacrificing strength, stiffness and stability.

Note – please read our comments below for an update on this rim.


The H Plus Son Archetype is a versatile all around road rim. At 480 grams, this Archetype has proven to be reasonably light yet through a clever extrusion (see profile drawing) not sacrificing strength, stiffness and stability. The increasingly popular 23mm wide profile mimics a tubular tyre, where the advantage can be felt immediately while taking corners as the tyre is no longer shaped as a light bulb, flopping over with high load. Available in 20, 24, 28, 32 and 36 hole in black, high polish silver and dark grey.

Strada says – December 2015 update – we have built a few pairs of H Plus Son Archetype rims during this autumn and the quality of these rims has improved. So although there are more rim options around now in terms of price and shape we are happy to build with these rims again.

January 2015 – We have built a lot of Archies over the last 2 1/2 years and spent time and effort promoting them. Unfortunately during 2014 we noticed a deterioration in the quality of the rim and we struggled to maintain even spoke tension on each side of the wheel (this means spokes are all working at the same level and less likely to failure). No substandard Archetypes left the workshop but even as a relatively low volume builder (with high standards) the amount of time we spent re-rimming those which were not good enough was financially and time wise too high for us. So it is with regret that we don’t rate the H Plus Son Archetype as a rim we want to build with. We have looked and found great alternatives such as the DT Swiss R460 and Pacenti SL23 for rim braking and the Pacenti SL25 and Grail for disc braking.

Note – we occasionally recommend in circumstances when no other rim will suffice and make sure we only ship the good ones.


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