Sapim Race spokes | double butted silver or black

Sapim Race Spokes – the general purpose double butted stainless steel spoke in black or silver.  Please note – we do not sell spokes loose.

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Sapim Race spokes are the standard double butted spoke and features a 1.8mm center section with 2.0mm at the neck and threaded areas. Available in even lengths from 248mm to 304mm in a black or silver finish. Sapim double butted spokes have two major benefits: less weight and more strength. Technological advances using cold forging ‘stretch’ the spoke, retaining the linear molecular structure of the material, thereby increasing the spoke strength at the middle by at least 48%. Strada can hand polish Sapim Race spokes for a deep, rich shine for any retro, custom, fixed or single speed builds.

Note – Sapim Laser spokes are the thinner double butted version. Strada are not a big fan of them as they have limited usage and suffer from “windup” when being tensioned.