Sapim CX Ray spokes | light strong aero

Sapim CX Ray Spokes – the lightest, strongest stainless steel spoke. Available in silver, black or white (special order).  Please note – we do not sell spokes loose.


We don’t save money on cheap spokes! The Sapim CX Ray bladed spoke is the leading choice of champions (and Strada!). Made in Belgium by Sapim their CX Ray spokes have an small aerodynamic advantage over round spokes and build into lighter, stronger wheels. With a weight nearly 30% lighter than standard double butted spokes, you would expect to give up strength but Sapim CX Ray spokes withstand more than 3.5 million load reversals in fatigue tests, 3 times more than any spoke on the road. CX-Ray aero spokes are produced from very high quality high-tensile 18/8 stainless steel, which is ideally suited for the rigorous demands of modern low spoke count wheel builds, bigger riders or high watt output. Even downhill racers use Sapim CX Ray spokes because of their strength and durability. Available in black and silver, white on special order.

Strada can hand polish these CX Ray spokes for a deep, rich polish for any retro, custom, fixed or singlespeed build.