Phil Wood Brompton front hub | pimp your Brompton!

This Phil Wood Brompton front hub is a great way to upgrade your Brompton. Available in silver or black it is an exquisite jewel. Hand built by Strada with Velocity Aeroheat rims.


The Phil Wood Brompton Front Hub

This Phil Wood hub is like an exquisite jewel and is a great way to upgrade your Brompton. Available in silver or black with a 74mm bolt axle. This hub can be used in conjunction with a standard rear or a something else a bit more radical.

Founded in 1971, Phil Wood & Co. is proud to be one of the oldest, if not the oldest, American cycling component manufacturer. His products are made in the USA – they are completely designed, manufactured and assembled in San Jose, California. Phil Wood & Co. manufactures cycling and related recreation oriented products. Phil’s always been dedicated to providing products of the highest quality achievable. These products are a result of our designs, the materials we use, and our craftsmanship. The goal is to offer with every product: Guaranteed Satisfaction.

Phil’s ethos has always been to offer hand-crafted products with a simple design, the highest quality materials, and the ultimate in durability. To this end, we allocate our available resources first to those areas that place emphasis on design, materials, and production. Phil specifies the characteristics of each and every bearing used in his products. In many cases, specific bearings are made exclusively for his brand and to his exacting specifications. Phil is known for always demanding the same quality and standards from the bearings he utilises as he demand from his own manufactured parts. This helps the him to guarantee that no compromises will be made in the production or materials of the product you receive from Phil Wood & Co.

The Classic front Brompton hubs are available in 16, 24, 28, and 32 spoke hole configurations (other spoke hole count options are available upon request). They also offer the front Brompton hubs with 2 bearing options: Standard Phil spec bearings which have full contact seals and have a 100% fill with our Phil Waterproof grease. Carbonyte Phil spec bearings are our low drag bearing option which have partial contact seals and have a 30% fill with our full synthetic Phil Carbonyte grease.

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