Hope Quick Release|CNC Machined Steel Skewers for Road and MTB

Hope Steel Rod quick releases. A tough design and reasonable weight for excellent durability and stiffness.


Hope quick releases are CNC machined quick releases made in the UK. Available in 135mm MTB length, 130mm Road pairs, or 170mm Fatbike, in the rainbow of Hope colours. The shafts are machined from stainless steel and the levers from T6 Aluminium, sitting on brass cam plates, which provides a very stiff and strong quick release at a very reasonable weight.

Strada says:

Hope quick releases are well priced, reliable, and perfect for those looking to provide stiffness through the axles, or bigger riders who are generating enough power to flex a titanium skewer.


  • Different lengths available to suit Road, MTB and Fatbikes
  • Colours: Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Purple and Orange
  • Material 2014 T6 Aluminium levers and Stainless Steel rods
  • Available in 100, 130, 135, 170 and 190mm lengths
  • Available as singles or pairs
  • Weights: Single from 55g// Pair from 119g

We normally have Black and Silver in stock in all lengths. Other colours arrive as ordered, usually within 48 hours.

About Hope:

Hope Tech ‘Made in Barnoldswick’ in the UK was established in the late 1980’s by keen mountain bikers. They looked to employ similar technology to the motorbike industry to the manufacture of mountain bike components. Initially this was purely an effort to improve their own riding experience. However, Hope’s innovative UK engineering approach to the design and manufacture of components, quickly gained a reputation for excellence beyond the world of mountain biking.  This has resulted in a company that now employs over 100 staff. It now works on an extensive range of components across all cycling disciplines. From their highly desirable hubs and hydraulic brakes to handlebars, stems, wheelsets and drivetrain components. Hope products are designed to be precise and functional even in the most demanding riding conditions.

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