Extralite hubs | Italian made 182g the pair!

Weight weenies rejoice! Extralite Cyber Rear SL and Cyber Front SL hubs are 182g the pair. For long days in the hills these cannot be beaten for keeping the weight off your bike. High quality design and manufacturing from Sergio at Extralite have produced this latest set of hubs for the rider looking for the last word in weight reduction. We can build these hubs onto light alloy or carbon rims for a great pair of wheels.

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Extralite Hubs

Italian manufacturer Extralite are legendary for their dedication to weight reduction from their hubs and components. Extralite’s Cyber rear hub is an evolution of their ultra lightweight SX hub series. The Cyber incorporates a standard flange designed for J-bend spokes. With a weight penalty of less than 5 grams, this Extralite hubs standard flange allows for a wider choice of spokes and simplifies the building process. With its increased cassette clearance, the Extralite Cyber road hub requires no spacers for use with 11 speed Campagnolo and can also be run 10-11 speed for Shimano / SRAM.

Strada says – We thought “bonkers light” when we first received Extralite hubs. The rear Cyber is for regular, easy to obtain J-Bend spokes. There is a small weight penalty but we feel this is worth it for spoke replacement convenience (if ever needed). These Extralite hubs are “Sunday Specials” but are definitely worth considering for the ultimate in light wheels. Head to our Strada Signature Builds page to see our Alpine Attack build with the Extralite road hubs. Other Extralite products are available on request.

Extralite Cyber Rear SL hub features specifications

At 134g the Ultrarear Cyber is one of the lightest rear road hubs available with a design that promises performance on par with much heavier models. A tool-free micro adjuster allows for optimum bearing preload, while the high quality Enduro steel cartridge bearings are optimized for low drag.

Extralite’s road hubs utilize interchangeable axle ends for Campagnolo and Shimano compatibility. This allows for the best possible spoke bracing angles for maximum lateral stiffness. Note – we can also supply matching Extralite Streeters quick releases.

Micro-tuner: our easy and quick external bearing preload system that ensures precise tuning, smooth running and no play at the rim.
Equipped with ABEC5 cartridge bearings featuring Grade 5 Chromium Steel Balls, 52100 Hi-Carbon Chromium Alloy Races, Nylon-Graphite Ball Retainers, Removable Snap Ring Seals. Fully serviceable.
Special low friction SRS axial seals on main hub bearings, 2RS protective seals on freewheel bearing.
Oversized Titanium ratchet wheel with a precise 32T pawl engaging system.
Camber – to further optimize wheel stiffness we provide specific Campagnolo and Shimano/Sram axle-ends that are optimized around the cassette dimensions of each manufacturer’s standard.
The black finished “Extreme Camber” axle-ends allow Shimano/Sram setups to gain 1.5mm more camber on the drive side. This makes Extralite Cyber quipped wheels at least 5% laterally stiffer than any other hub on the market.

Weight: 134g.
Drillings: 20h,24h,28h,32h.
Material: special AL7075TX Grade5 titanium.
External Bearings: 6803-SRS/6803-2RS ABEC5 cartridges.
Internal Bearings: 6903-SRS ABEC5 main axle Ertalite® bushing.
Compatibility: Shimano-Sram 8/9/10S, Campagnolo 9/10/11s, Shimano 11S.
Axle construction: multishaped 17mm, milled to micro tolerances.
Body construction: 3D multiaxial machining, all in 1 stage.
Finishing: black anodized body, “hart-coated” axle-ends.
Micro-tuner: the quickest bearing preload system.
Freewheel: Hyper engineered 2 pawls OR-Drive.
Graphics: laser etched.

Extralite Cyber front HD hub features specifications 

Flanges receive our new special treatments (military standard) to handle radial lacing stress. To minimise torsional static forces flanges self-align under spoke lacing tension. We use the 10g heavier “HD” version of the front as it handles spoke tension better than the SL version.

Weight: 59gr
Material: special 7075TX
Bearings: 2×6801-2RS ABEC5 cartridges.
Micro-Tuner: quickest bearing preload system.
Finishing: “hard coat” sides, black anodized body.
Construction: 14mm oversized hi-engineered axle.
Graphics: laser etched.
Radial lacing is allowed on internal and external flange side and only with D/B spokes (central section equivalent to Ø 1.5mm).
Micro-tuner allows an easy and quick bearing preload adjustment, no-tools required!