Chris King R45 hub service

Here at Strada we have the right tools, parts and experience for a Chris King R45 hub service. These hubs need servicing to keep them in good condition and we strip, clean and reassemble them to give you 1000s of kilometres of smooth riding whatever the weather.

++Note: you are purchasing a hub service for a pair of R45 hubs and not the tool itself.++


Here at Strada we have the right tools, parts and experience to service your Chris King R45 hubs. The general procedure for a Chris King R45 hub service is as follows –

We visually inspect the hub shell for signs of damage or wear. We remove the internals and disassemble. These are placed in an ultrasonic cleaner (ph neutral cleaner is used) for a thorough cleaning if needed. The parts are then checked over for wear or damage. We then reassemble the hub and use a fresh snap and seal kit (+£8 per hub). We lubricate the internals with an appropriate for use grease and use Chris King Drive Lube.

The whole wheel can then be checked and trued if necessary before shipping back with FedEx (overnight tracked).

To prepare wheels for shipping please remove the tyres, tubes, cassette and quick releases. Wash the wheels with warm water and remove any excess grease form the freehub. Use a sturdy box from your local bike shop. Contact Strada to book them in.

Service Tool:

The Chris King R45 hub service tool is a high quality shop tool designed to completely disassemble and reassemble Chris King R45 and R45 Disc hubs. Though not required for basic adjustment or routine hub maintenance, this tool allows professional mechanics to perform complete R45 and R45 Disc hub overhauls and bearing service. A hub cone adjusting tool and comprehensive technical manual are included in the complete kit.

  • Engineered, manufactured and assembled in Portland, Oregon USA.
  • Made from USA sourced high quality aluminum and heat treated stainless steel.
  • Compatible with R45 and R45 Disc hubs.
  • Brown anodized finish.
  • Includes Hub Cone Adjusting Tool, R45 small split ring, R45 large split ring and Driveshell Bushing Tool.