Chris King ISO MTB hubs

Chris King MTB hubs – beautifully engineered to last a lifetime. Available in a multitude of colours and with all axle configurations the ISO hub is a lovely hub indeed. 11 speed and X1 drivers, hand built to order by Strada. We can also service these hubs with the CK Service tool. Centre lock versions will be available from January 2016 as well.

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Chris King ISO MTB hubs – months of design and testing went into our ISO disc hubset. During the development process, we adapted our machines to use larger bar stock when we make the hub shells. This manufacturing improvement allowed us to increase the spoke flange diameter significantly. A larger spoke flange spreads the spoke holes away from each other. Also, you can use shorter spokes to build a more durable, stiffer and stronger wheel.

Make no mistake, these are not “disposable” parts. There are a lot of super light hubs out there, but will they still be working in 2 years? How about 5? If you ride a lot, 5 years is a lot of panic stops, high speed feathering and braking bumps. Like all of our other hubs, these carry a 5 year warranty. It is easy to make a really light hub, not so easy to make one that you can sell with confidence and back that up for 5 full years. Who else does this but King?

About Chris King MTB hubs – Chris King hubs, some of the most highly sought after components in the bicycle industry, are both engineering masterpieces and examples of meticulous craftsmanship. Those who have taken them apart and seen how they work often compare the precision and detail to that of the inner workings of a watch. Yet they’re light, strong and easy to service.

All of our rear hubs utilize our patented RingDrive.