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Cannondale Lefty front hub – 32 hole black and ready for shipping or building into a wheel with a variety of quality rims from Stans, DT Swiss and ENVE. Please call Strada for a quote or use the contact form. 

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A light alloy Cannondale Lefty hub. Ready for shipping as a hub worldwide or building into a Cannondale Lefty wheelset using carbon or alloy rims.

A quick history of the Lefty:

It started with the “Headshok” (aka “Fatty”) forks. It uses 88 needle bearings to reduce friction for smooth travel with the bearings telescoping inside the steerer tube of the fork. This minimizes flexing of the fork legs and also reduces static friction, which must be overcome before the fork begins to travel. The Cannondale Lefty hub is specific to this fork. 

The “Lefty” is an unusual looking fork because it only has a left side or blade. It uses the same technology as the Headshok, but desire for greater amounts of travel led to the movement of the telescoping unit off to the side to allow room for the travel. It also allowed for more mud clearance as opposed to traditional forks designs. The Lefty is now seen on many of Cannondale’s high-end models, such as all the Scalpels, Rizes and the expensive models in F series, both cross-country lines. Continual efforts at weight reduction have provided models with a carbon fiber upper tube and a titanium spindle. The titanium spindle was later replaced with a lighter and stiffer forged aluminum version. The carbon fiber upper continues to be used on the highest-end Lefties.

Some of the benefits of the Lefty fork are that it is lighter and laterally more stiff (due to dual crown assembly). The Cannondale Lefty uses needle bearings instead of traditional fork bushings, which allow for more responsive feel, and do not bind under torsional pressures. Another unique trait is unlike a traditional front fork, the lefty allows user to change the inner tube or tire with the wheel still mounted on the bike.

Strada can build a Cannondale Lefty hub and Lefty Max hub into a variety of quality rims from Stans, DT Swiss and ENVE or supply them loose for your own builds. Please contact Strada for more details.