I was really pleased to find a genuine UK manufacturer – Goldtec actually design, machine and assemble their hubs in Staffordshire. Having recently worked with the GB Olympic cycling team on developing hubs for their competition bikes Goldtec used the knowledge gained in the design of their new road hubs.

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Rear – Using ideas that were gained from working with British Cycling in devloping parts for the very successful Olympic track team. The rear has a 48 pickup drive pawl mechanism for rapid engagement and minimal slack. The 48-pickup freehub gives 7.5 degrees rotation before engagement compared with 10 degrees for the latest Shimano hubs and 20 degrees for DTs with star ratchet. Goldtec use large bearings placed as far apart as possible on a rigid axle to minimise rolling resistance rather than save as much weight as possible which gives the hub a distinctive appearance. The non drive side bearing is about 3mm from the frame, in contrast to most hubs where it’s about 15mm away with a long spacer.  The Goldtec Road hub uses a needle roller bearing under the cassette for extra support. Bearings are 61902, a standard size, UK manufactured, well sealed (with experience from the MTB market) and easily replaceable. As with all Goldtec hubs the bearing bores are machined in line at the same time so there are no opposing forces on the bearings. This why they roll so well. The flanges are fairly narrow, with the aim that the spoke tensions are reasonably well balanced to build a more torsionally rigid wheel. The rear weighs 248g and can be laced 2x on both drive and non drive side. The hub is interchangeable with Shimano or Campagnolo 11 speed. Black or high polish finish.

Front -This new hub is light and rolls forever using the research and development that Goldtec  gained whilst making hubs for the British Track Olympic team. Perfect bearing alignment, 61900 UK manufactured bearings and a stiff axle – as with all Goldtec Road hubs the bores are machined in line at the same time so that they are exactly in line, therefore there are no opposing forces on the bearings giving the legendary Goldtec roll. Wide flanges for lateral strength and a weight of 90 grams. Black or high polish finish. There are lighter hubs on the market but I would like to see them roll as well than these Goldtec Road hubs.