Strada are hand built wheel experts and we are proud to offer ENVE rims to our customers. The recipe for a fast wheel is no one single element; rather, it’s a combination of factors. When you start with in-frame development and blend proven aerodynamics, optimised stability, lightweight, stiffness and durability, the result is a revolutionary wheel design. Introducing the Smart ENVE System.


The Smart ENVE System optimises the interface between the frame surfaces and the wheels, creating an integrated system. The front and rear wheels interact differently with the air and the rest of the bicycle. Rim shapes are optimised to allow airflow to stay attached at higher yaw angles, thus reducing drag and improving ride performance.

  • The front wheel is wider and shallower to improve stability and reduce drag in any wind condition.
  • The rear wheel is deeper to reduce drag where stability is less affected.
  • Wheels were tested on multiple frame designs in order to produce the maximum drag reduction. The result is a wheel system, which handles predictably, and displays superior drag results when installed in multiple bicycle frame designs.


Steering feedback in variable conditions needs to be predictable to have total handling confidence. Less predictable wheels have a non-linear steering response, resulting in erratic and unpredictable handling in unsteady conditions. The shape of the Smart ENVE System rim is optimised to ensure even and predictable airflow attachment. What the rider experiences is a balanced build-up of side force as the angle of crosswind changes. This allows the rider to accurately predict the handling mannerisms of the wheel and avoid dangerous over correction cycles.

  • The focus on steering stability resulted in improved handling and confidence in varying crosswinds.
  • Therefore, the wheel shape was optimised to produce a predictable and linear response.
  • The target stability gradient was 1.0.


ENVE is renowned for developing the strongest, stiffest and lightest rims on the market. This durability is proven across all disciplines of the sport including being the first and only carbon wheel to podium at World Cup DH events. All ENVE products, including the Smart ENVE System, share this advanced manufacturing technology.

  • Highest strength to weight ratio in the industry.
  • Proprietary moulded in spoke hole technology.
  • Textured braking surface allowing for a more positive engagement and better braking in wet conditions.


No. We’re not telling ourselves that we are smart. The Smart ENVE System is a collaboration with Simon Smart – computational fluid dynamics master and founder of Smart Aero Technologies. The SES rim shapes allow the airflow to remain uninterrupted through the most commonly seen yaw angles; reducing drag, improving stability, and ultimately improving rider performance and confidence.

SIMON SMART – Simon Smart is the “Smart” in Smart ENVE and is an ex Red Bull Formula One aerodynamicist. He uses state of the art wind tunnels and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis to find ways of helping athletes shave seconds off their best time. Based on the Mercedes AMG F1 site in Brackley, Simon has access to the technology available in motorsport valley and has utilised this in the rims designed for ENVE.


5 years is a long time for performance parts! This expectation drives everything we do from an engineering perspective. We EXPECT products to last 5 years, regardless of the circumstances. Some of our wheelsets and components will have 5,000 miles on them in 5 years. Some will have 20,000. So we design to the most extreme scenario. This ensures that our average consumer will have far more use than 5 years and if they don’t we’ll make it right!


 Photo by Mario Stiehl


MTN-Qhubeka – as used on the Tour de France in 2015 by MTN-Qhubeka. Here’s what their Head Mechanic had to say :

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical when the ENVE wheels were presented to me at the first team training camp in South Africa. The hidden nipples made me worried about truing, but my fears were unfounded, the rims have stayed unbelievably straight and I have never met a wheel of this quality. Even when bikes are broken or when the wheels are put through the worst conditions imaginable the wheels are rarely damaged. I can say after many years as a Pro mechanic that until this date, I have never seen a better wheel, its a real pleasure to work with ENVE.

-Klas Johansson | Head Mechanic | MTN-Qhubeka


3 great hubs for ENVE wheels suggested by Strada (all 10-11 speed ready).

Aivee SR5 – this light, French made hub has excellent flange placement allowing us to use high spoke tension on the non drive side making it a good choice for stronger and heavier riders looking for a light wheelset. Fitted with press fit bearings, expect 5000km before swapping.

DT Swiss 240 – a well sealed hub with a same drive ring engagement system as the Chris King R45. Not the prettiest of things but it is a good balance of weight, durability and performance. High quality press fit bearings fitted which will last many thousands of kms, easy to swap between Shimano and Campagnolo freehubs. You can upgrade to the lighter DT Swiss 180 with hybrid ceramic bearings and a carbon fibre wrapped hub for the ultimate wheelset.

Chris King R45 – these Portland, USA made hubs have been a popular choice for ENVE wheelbuilds. The wide choice of colours, 5 year warranty on internals and 10 year warranty on the flanges and the snappy ring drive engagement make them a good choice. Easy to field service, distinctive buzz on descents and good customer support – what’s not to like?


We only use Sapim CX Rays. This Belgian made spoke is legendary for it’s strength and light weight. ENVE supply brass internal nipples for use on these builds.

WHY CHOOSE STRADA to build your ENVE wheels

We are one of the biggest ENVE wheel builders in the UK. We have hand built 100s of ENVE wheels in our workshop over the last 5 years and we have come to really appreciate the quality and consistency of the rims we receive. Clearly passionate about their product ENVE have supported their retailers and we are pleased to see them grow as a company. The rims are round out the box, clean internally (no moulding bags) and build consistently evenly. All ENVE rims are supplied with brake pads.

Smart ENVE 3.4 wheels
  • The ENVE SES 2.3 rim is the latest rim from ENVE and is designed for climbing. More rim details down below. Use the ENVE SES 2.3 wheel configurator drop down menu to build your wheelset. These are priced as standard with DT Swiss 350 C-lock Hubs, ENVE SES rims, Alpina F1 sprint spokes,  Lifetime rim warranty…

  • SES 3.4 Versatile, aero, light, and fast. The SES 3.4 has been a staple in the SES wheel family, and the newest iteration takes the best features of the previous generation SES 3.4 and 3.4 AR to make the ultimate modern road wheelset. There’s simply nothing more versatile than the  new SES 3.4. Furthermore, the…

  • When speed across most any terrain is priority number one, look no further than the SES 4.5. Originally designed for the cobbles and crosswinds of Paris-Roubaix to provide an aero benefit with high volume tires, the SES 4.5 was the first of its kind and is now re-designed to deliver more speed in a lighter…

  • Striking the ultimate balance between weight savings, stability, aerodynamics, and rolling efficiency, the SES 6.7 defines Real-World Fast and raises the bar for modern aero wheel performance. Grams of rim, versus grams of drag, make the SES 6.7 the outright fastest wheel on the road. More rim details down below. Use the ENVE SES 6.7 wheel…

  • ENVE in conjunction with Simon Smart made the SES 7.8 to achieve two things: more speed and more stability. The SES 7.8 embodies the latest SES technologies and includes our newest moulded in brake track and tubeless clincher tyre compatibility. The SES 7.8 is wider and specifically optimised to perform best when used with a…

  • ENVE Black Pads - Textured Surface, only for use with the updated brake track currently found on the ENVE SES 2.2 , SES 7.8 and most recent versions of SES 3.4, and SES 4.5 wheels. Price shown per pair of pads, you need two pairs (4 pads) for a complete set.

  • ENVE  quick releases for your road bike. Durable, high performance titanium quick release with easy adjustment and closer. A great way to shave weight without sacrificing performance. 58g a pair. Only available in 100/130mm road version. The lever is easy to grip in a hurry or with cold hands.


ENVE SES 2.2 wheelsThe Smart ENVE System 2.2 is the ultimate climbing wheel with aerodynamic properties that refine stability in the most extreme wind and weather conditions. As such, lightweight trumps drag reduction with the SES 2.2. The SES 2.2 underwent in-frame development in the Mercedes GP wind tunnel in order to define the final shape of the rim. Unlike the other SES wheel sets, the SES 2.2 features the same rim geometry front to rear whereas its SES counterparts have dissimilar rim width and depth front to rear in order to maximise aerodynamic efficiency. In terms of tire fitment, the SES 2.2 is developed to be used with 25mm tires. Because the SES 2.2 is designed to be ridden through the mountains, it was important up the performance levels of our moulded brake track texture technology. As such, the SES 2.2 is the first SES rim to feature our new moulded in brake track texture. This new brake track texture improves braking performance by as much as 30% over the previous brake track and performs as well in wet conditions as it does in dry. Each SES 2.2 wheel set includes 2 pair of our new black brake pads which have been specially formulated to improve braking power, modulation, and wet weather performance. The combination of the new brake track and black brake pad compound deliver the ultimate in rim brake technology. The SES 2.2 debuted in the pro peloton at the 2015 Tour de France under ENVE sponsored Team MTN-Qhubeka.

WHAT IS IT? – An SES featured climbing wheel featuring the latest in ENVE brake track technology.

WHO IS IT FOR? – Climbing specialists seeking a wheelset that inspires confidence regardless of terrain or weather conditions.

WHY DID WE MAKE IT? – To give the climbing specialists on team MTN-Qhubeka every advantage as they make their first trip to the Tour de France.


  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Rim Depth: 25 / 25
  • Internal Rim Width: 18.5 / 18.5
  • External Rim Width: 27 / 27
  • ERD: 608 / 608
  • Built Weight: 1225 (dependent on hub).
  • Rim Weight: 281g
  • Recommended Tyre Size: 25c

The objective with the SES 3.4 was to create a aerodynamic wheel that climbed with the lightest wheels on the market but still offered an aero advantage and confidence inspiring handling in even the most severe wind and weather conditions. The SES line of wheels improve upon carbon fiber braking surfaces as well. This is accomplished through a moulded in braking surface that creates a carbon texture that helps modulate power and improve performance in wet weather.

Smart ENVE 3.4 wheels

In addition to the improvements made upon aerodynamics, handling and braking, the SES 3.4 is very light weight and strong. These gains in strength and weight are due in part to ENVE’s patented moulded in spoke hole technologies which eliminate excess material by running continuous uninterrupted carbon fibers around and throughout the entire rim. Further weight savings are found by removing all bladder materials from within the rim and eliminating the use of paint and fillers as part of the finishing process. Each SES 3.4 carbon tubular and clincher is handmade in the USA.

WHAT IS IT? – Lightweight multi-purpose all-terrain road wheelset with aero advantage.

WHO IS IT FOR? – Road cyclists looking for an aerodynamic, lightweight, do it all wheelset.

WHY DID WE MAKE IT? – ENVE is located in Ogden, Utah which features the Wasatch Mountain Range to the East and Western Desert to the West. This geographic location is diverse and we wanted to make a wheelset that provides aero performance and stability over all types of terrains and through all weather conditions. The 3.4 is light weight and relatively shallow which makes managing big mountain passes and gusty canyon winds a breeze. Over rolling and flat terrain the Smart ENVE System aero technologies come into play reducing drag and improving efficiencies.


  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Rim Depth: 35 / 45
  • Internal Rim Width: 18.5 / 16.5
  • External Rim Width: 26 / 24
  • ERD: 584 / 566
  • Built Weight: 1412g (depending on hub)
  • Rim Weight: 367 / 392
  • Recommended Tyre Size: 23mm

ENVE 3.4 disc road wheelsDisc specific carbon fibre rims are an ENVE specialty. Now that disc brakes are making their way onto road bikes we’ve had the opportunity to apply our disc specific rim knowledge to the road. The SES (Smart ENVE System) 3.4 Disc is the result of pairing mountain bike rim design with the drag reducing shape of the SES 3.4. The Smart ENVE System is unique due to the process of developing aero rim shapes as a system that consists of rider and bicycle. The SES 3.4 features a dissimilar rim geometry front to rear with the front being shallower and wider to maximise cross wind stability and the rear being deeper and narrower to achieve higher drag reduction and capture longer airflow attachment after they air has come around the rider and bike. The SES 3.4 Disc is a full uni-directional carbon fibre rim that saves weight over the SES 3.4 rim brake version because you no longer need to manage heat and thermal expansion properties at the rim’s braking surface. The SES 3.4 Disc does not have a rim braking surface and can only be used with disc brakes. The SES 3.4 Disc features ENVE’s patented moulded in spoke holes that reduce weight and increase strength so that the rim is capable of withstanding the additional forces applied by braking with disc brakes. The 3.4 Disc is highly impact resistant as it shares similar design to ENVE’s line of mountain wheels. The addition of greater impact strength makes the 3.4 Disc a very competent CX and Gravel Grinder wheelset. These features make the 3.4 Disc a perfect wheel choice for road and gravel cyclists looking to outfit their disc equipped road bicycles.

WHAT IS IT? – Smart ENVE System technologies paired with ENVE mountain rim design.

WHO IS IT FOR? – Road, gravel, and cyclocross riders using disc brakes.

WHY DID WE MAKE IT? – Disc brakes on road bikes are here to stay and we believe in an optimised solution for this application. By pairing Smart ENVE System aerodynamics and ENVE mountain rim technologies we’ve created a disc specific road wheelset that reduces weight and improves strength over the standard rim brake SES 3.4 models. These attributes mean that the fun doesn’t have to stop when the pavement ends.


  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Rim Depth: 35 / 45
  • Internal Rim Width: 18.5 / 16.5
  • External Rim Width: 26 / 24
  • ERD: 584 / 564
  • Built Weight: 1439g (dependent on hub)
  • Rim Weight: 414g
  • Recommended Tyre Size: 23c

ENVE 4.5 wheels are new for 2015 and are the perfect all rounder wheelset.

The SES (Smart ENVE System) 4.5 is a road racer’s dream wheelset. The SES 4.5 is lightweight and like all ENVE products is durable enough to be used on a daily basis. The SES 4.5 is an evolution of our patented SES rim shape that reduces drag while at the same time reducing depth. The SES 4.5, like all wheels in the SES line-up, features non identical rim geometries front to rear because the front of the bike and the back of the bike interact with the airflow in very different manners. The front wheel is wider and shallower to maximise cross-wind stability and handling. The rear wheel is slightly narrower and deeper to maximise drag reduction off the back end of the bicycle. The SES 4.5 offers more aerodynamic performance than the SES 3.4 at a more manageable depth and weight than the SES 6.7. In addition to the gains in aerodynamic efficiencies made with the shape of the SES 4.5, it is also the stiffest wheel in the SES line of wheels. The increase in stiffness as well as aerodynamic performance make the SES 4.5 the perfect wheelset for road and criterium racing where acceleration and cornering are key factors. To further enhance performance out on the road, the SES 4.5 features ENVE’s patented moulded in spoke hole technology, internal manufacturing bladders have been removed and moulded in brake track textures. Each SES rim features a textured brake track that is moulded into the full carbon fibre braking surface. This texture provides for superior modulation, heat management, and wet weather performance. The SES 4.5 is proudly manufactured in the USA.

WHAT IS IT? – The ultimate everyday carbon fibre cycling wheelset and choice of Team MTN – Qhubeka

WHO IS IT FOR? – Road cyclists and triathletes looking to minimise the tradeoff between aerodynamics, lightweight, and stability

WHY DID WE MAKE IT? – Because from the moment the first prototypes made the rounds at ENVE, it’s been the house favourite. The SES 4.5 rounds out the Smart ENVE System wheel line as a true mid-depth everyday cycling race wheelset. Additionally, the SES 4.5 features a refined shape and construction that yields better acceleration, cornering, impact resistance, and weight savings.


  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Rim Depth: 48 / 56
  • Internal Rim Width: 18.5 / 17
  • External Rim Width: 27 / 25.5
  • ERD: 563 / 545
  • Built Weight: 1448.70
  • Rim Weight: 361 / 399
  • Recommended Tyre Size: 23mm – 25mm

ENVE 6.7 carbon ClinchersThe SES (Smart ENVE System) 6.7 was the first wheel in the SES line-up and the foundation upon which all other SES wheels have been built. When ENVE partnered with renowned aerodynamicist Simon Smart, the goal was to create a line of wheels that were optimised for real world riding conditions and developed in a bicycle frame as opposed to being developed and tested as a wheel only in the wind-tunnel. The SES 6.7 carbon fibre clinchers and tubulars were the first products available to the aftermarket. The SES 6.7 features ENVE’s patented moulded in spoke and valve hole technology which helps to maximise the rims strength to weight by ensuring that the carbon fibre runs uninterrupted around the entire circumference of the rim. The SES 6.7 enjoys further weight savings due to the ENVE process of removing all bladder materials from the rim as well as avoiding the use of fillers and paint to finish the rim. Each SES rim features a 100% raw uni-directional carbon fibre finish. Like all SES wheels the 6.7 features asymmetrical rim geometry between the front and the back of the bike. The front wheel of the SES 6.7 is wider than the rear to help maximise stability and produce confident handling for experienced cyclists in variable and gusting cross wind conditions. The rear wheel is deeper and narrower to help reduce drag as the air flows around the rider and bike. This approach to aero wheel development yields real world performance that is closely matched to the wind-tunnel data. For these reasons, the SES 6.7 is a house favourite at ENVE and the wheelset of choice amongst the majority of ENVE’s family of triathletes and road racers.

WHAT IS IT? – Our most popular carbon fibre triathlon and TT cycling wheel.

WHO IS IT FOR? – Road cyclists and triathletes who most frequently ride hilly to rolling terrain and prioritise aerodynamic performance over weight savings.

WHY DID WE MAKE IT? – We made the SES 6.7 to win the hearts of Triathletes. The SES 6.7 is fast, and stable making it a perfect choice for challenging courses like Kona, Roth, Couer d’Alene, and Lanzarote. However, the SES 6.7’s pedigree is road racing, so for the road cyclist with an off the front, nose into the wind riding style, the SES 6.7 delivers responsive accelerations, confident cornering, and excellent durability.


  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Rim Depth: 60 / 70
  • Internal Rim Width: 18.5 / 16.5
  • External Rim Width: 26 / 24
  • ERD: 535 / 517
  • Built Weight: 1614g (dependent on hubs)
  • Rim Weight: 480g / 530g
  • Recommended Tyre Size: 23mm – 25mm

WHAT IS IT? – A Smart ENVE System carbon fiber cycling wheelset optimised for 650c.

WHO IS IT FOR? – Road cyclists and Triathletes who ride 650c bikes.

WHY DID WE MAKE IT? – Because when customers ask, we respond. By manufacturing 100% of our wheels in our Ogden, UT, USA facility, we can respond quickly and precisely. The SES 650c encompasses all the features and benefits inherent to the Smart ENVE System in a package that has been optimised for smaller riders looking for uncompromising aero performance and predictable handling.


  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Rim Depth: 48 / 56
  • Internal Rim Width: 18.5 / 16.5
  • External Rim Width: 26 / 24
  • ERD: 512 / 496
  • Built Weight: 1477g (dependent on hub).
  • Rim Weight: 431g / 444g
  • Recommended Tyre Size: 23mm – 25mm

ENVE 8.9 wheelsWhen the race is against the clock the SES (Smart ENVE System) 8.9 is the wheelset by which all other open spoked wheelsets are judged. Simply put the SES 8.9 is very fast because it is very efficiently designed. The SES 8.9 has undergone in-frame development in the wind-tunnel with Aerodynamicist Simon Smart with whom ENVE partnered to develop the Smart ENVE System. The SES 8.9 like all the SES wheelsets features asymmetrical rim geometries between the front and the rear rims. The SES 8.9 is the deepest wheelset in the SES wheel collection and as such also the fastest. The front rim is wider and slightly shallower than the rear to help maximise handling and stability in variable crosswinds. The rear is narrower and deeper to capture the airflow off the back of the bike. The net drag reduction is achieved in the system of bike, rider, and wheels, with the wheels being optimised for performance when they are in a bike frame, not as stand alone objects in a wind-tunnel. Aside from the high level of aerodynamic optimisation that the SES 8.9 features, it is also a very structurally efficient rim. The SES 8.9 features ENVE’s patented moulded in spoke hole construction which eliminates the need for additional reinforcements at the spoke holes of the rim, thus improving the rim’s stiffness to weight ratios. The 8.9 is also free of paint and filler. The finish of the rim is 100% uni-directional carbon fibre. More weight savings and wheel build reliability are achieved by removing all the bladder material from the rim that is used in the manufacturing process. These techniques mean that the SES 8.9 is not only aerodynamically optimised but structurally optimised as well. Due to the SES 8.9’s in-frame development, the wheelset’s aero dynamic efficiencies rival that of the solid disc wheels on the market in a package that is lightweight, and comfortable. These features make the SES 8.9 an ideal choice for racing long-distance triathlon courses with high winds and hilly terrain.

WHAT IS IT? – The fastest carbon fibre road and triathlon cycling wheelset in the Smart ENVE System.

WHO IS IT FOR? – Triathletes and time trial cyclists seeking maximum aerodynamic efficiencies.

WHY DID WE MAKE IT? – Simply, so that people can go faster, more efficiently than ever before. Aerodynamically speaking the SES 8.9 is second to none. When you consider it’s lighter, more versatile and comfortable than a solid disc wheel, you can see why so many athletes choose the SES 8.9. As such, the SES 8.9 is the wheelset of choice of ENVE’s family of Triathletes and Time Trial Specialists.