ENVE SES 2.3 | The new ultimate wheel for climbing

The ENVE SES 2.3 rim is the latest rim from ENVE and is designed for climbing. More rim details down below. Use the ENVE SES 2.3 wheel configurator drop down menu to build your wheelset. These are priced as standard with DT Swiss 350 C-lock Hubs, ENVE SES rims, Alpina F1 sprint spokes,  Lifetime rim warranty and Free delivery in the UK ONLY. Hub upgrades via the dropdown menu. 


Enve SES 2.3 Overview

The Enve SES 2.3 is purpose-built for the mountains. Ultra-light, respectfully aerodynamic and optimized for tubeless tires, the SES 2.3 raises the bar for performance through hilly and mountainous terrain.

  • When weight matters most
  • 1197-gram wheelset weight
  • Inner rim width: 21mm
  • Minimum labeled tire size: 25mm
  • Tubeless Only

The Enve SES 2.3 Performance Scores (out of 10)

Aerodynamics: 3

Stability: 8

Climbing: 10

Compliance: 8


There’s no better option for the uncompromising climber who values performance up and down the mountain than the new Enve SES 2.3. At sub-1200 grams, they’re in a league of their own and deliver a real-world advantage in hilly terrain through their lightweight design and confidence-inspiring handling.

Modern-day alpinists take their climbing ethos of ‘Fast and Light’ seriously by avoiding unnecessarily heavy gear to get up the mountains quickly while maintaining confidence on the way down. The Enve SES 2.3 subscribes to that same idea in the pursuit of scaling mountains efficiently and providing even more fun and stability on the descent. Paring down from the SES 3.4, it maintains the proven Smart ENVE System design elements of dissimilar front and rear rim depths for handling the varying air flow elements from the front to the back of the bike.

At 28mm for the front depth and 32mm for the rear depth, the Enve SES 2.3 provides crosswind stability and flatland aerodynamic efficiency to descend confidently and carry speed in the flat valleys between climbs. Utilising hookless bead tubeless technology allowed the Enve engineers to pull more weight out of this wheelset, tune the comfort, maintain strength, and ensure an exacting rim bead seat diameter to provide the most precise tubeless interface. This wheelset is tubeless and disc brake only. When it comes to the biggest climbs of the Grand Tours or the undulating terrain out your front door, there’s simply nothing faster.

The Enve SES 2.3 Tech


The Good folks at Enve always design and build to the strengths of carbon fiber, and there’s no better example of this than the new Enve SES 2.3. By using continuously running fibers throughout the rim, tapering laminates, and removing excess material, the SES 2.3 achieves an impressive feat in weight reduction and composites engineering. Additionally, layering fibers in specific orientations achieves zone-specific performance requirements like impact toughness, stiffness, and tire retention.


Tubeless represents the pinnacle of road wheel and tyre performance, and the hookless bead design plays a significant role. A hookless rim design allows for machined metal tooling to establish a precise and consistent bead seat diameter that meets the defined requirement by ETRTO. That precision fitment between the tubeless tire bead and the rim’s bead seat ensures air and tire retention.


Wide Hookless Bead – Patent Pending

Most flat tires are caused by one of two things; Intrusion punctures (staples, thorns, glass,etc.) or pinch-flats (potholes, railroad tracks, rocks, etc.). While there is little a rim manufacturer can do as to prevent punctures, Enve’s new Wide Hookless Bead rim feature does greatly reduce the likelihood of pinch-flatting. This technology works by providing a blunt surface for the tyre to bottom out on, thus, dissipating the impact energy across a larger surface area and preventing tyre damage. This allows you to run the correct tire pressure without the worry of pinch-flatting.

Strada Says:

We have been continually impressed by the quality of finish on all the ENVE rims. After all, there is no touching up or hiding with these wheel sets  – the rim is just smoothed and polished matt UD carbon. They handle spoke tension well and are very clean inside with no remnants of the moulding process left behind. Having met and spoken to ENVE engineers at length we remain convinced ENVE are making some of the best rims on the market today. The new ENVE SES 2.3 will also handle a cross wind very well.

Furthermore, the Enve life time rim warranty is class leading. Only ENVE mould the spoke holes into the rim which can withstand 700lbs of pull before failure. The rim width means a comfortable ride and good handling – all in all the Smart ENVE SES 2.3 wheel sets are a great rim to work with and ride on.

ENVE SES 2.3 Custom Wheel Builder Configurator Specs

Spec Front Weight Rear Weight Wheelset Weight
Rim Weights (g) 275g 280g 555g
DTswiss 350 535g 671g 1207g
DTswiss 240 EXP 529g 623g 1152g
DTswiss 180 EXP 518g 610g 1128g
Chris King R45 569g 689g 1258g
Chris King R45 Ceramic 569g 689g 1258g
Tactic Racing TR01 465g 556g 1021g
Hole Count 24 24 N/A
Tubless Tape Width 25mm 25mm N/A
Depths 28mm 32mm N/A
Minimum Tire Size (Labeled) 25mm 25mm N/A
Maximum Tire Pressure for Min size Tyre 90 PSI 90 PSI N/A