DT Swiss EX 511 | Stronger faster lighter

The DT Swiss EX 511 rim is wide, light and tough. Hugely popular with professionals for it’s ability to take a hit and keep going. 30mm internal and 35mm external in 650B / 27.5 and 29″. Hand built by Strada the wheel building experts with DT Swiss 350 + 240 and Hope Pro4 hubs and bladed spokes to order.


The weapon of choice for Enduro World Series legend Richie Rude the DT Swiss  EX 511 packs in all the technology that has delivered many EWS wins and applies it to an even burlier 30mm (internal) wide profile.  At 535g these DT Swiss EX 511 rims are far from heavy considering their aggressive purpose, a weight well worth comparing with many of its carbon counterparts designed for a similar purpose when considering your next purchase. In short, this rim is designed with one thing in mind, the intrinsic need for riders to shred burlier terrain faster & faster.

Bottom Line: the DT Swiss EX 511 rim captures the performance of DT Swiss’s previous successes in Enduro race-quality wheels in a 30mm-wide profile. With the ability to accept plus-sized tyres and withstand the toughest, most demanding race conditions, the 511 will be DTs new default rim of choice.

At approximately 45 grams heavier than the 481 with the same 30mm internal width, the new 511 was designed to better withstand the abuse of all-mountain racing. As for the difference between the EX 511 and the indestructible EX 471 enduro rim–5mm of width and about 60 grams.

Material: Aluminium
Rim Joint: Welded
Inner Width: 30mm
Outer Width: 35mm
Height: 21mm
Valve Hole: Presta (6.5mm Ø)
Use: Enduro, all-mountain
Weight: 535g
Technologies: Tubeless

Contact Strada for a custom quote on 01903 214956 or use the contact form to get in touch.

Check out the famous Aaron Gwin: No tyre and he’s on fire! video on RedBull as he batters a DT Swiss EX 471 on the long descent, tyre flapping around. The EX 511 is just a little wider.

DT Swiss EX 511 | Stronger faster lighter