Strada Hand Built Wheels, established in 2011, is here to remind cyclists of the benefits of hand built wheels to those who may not have considered them before. After the frame, the wheel of your bike is the most critical component in how it rides and handles so we consider your weight, height, physique, power, type of bike before selecting a rim, hub and spokes to build a wheelset to match you perfectly. We stock and work with many quality components and can ship wheels throughout the UK, Europe and Scandinavia, UAE and SE Asia.

Based in Worthing, West Sussex in our own 800 sq foot workshop + office we use the best equipment and techniques to ensure high quality wheels and customer service to our riders. Strada have built in excess of 2500 pairs of wheels and have shipped to places as diverse as Iceland and Darwin, Australia.

Our wheels have been used in the Tour de France and at 2012 summer Olympics and are ridden weekly by pro riders racing at the highest level as well as being ridden over countless Alpine passes, muddy cyclocross races and daily rides to work.

Want to know who built your pair of wheels – see our profiles below or get in touch for practical honest advice on your next set of wheels.

Strada Wheels - Glyn Ostler

Glyn Ostler

Wheel Builder
Glyn is a well known face on the South Coast as an experienced road racer and all round nice guy. For many years he owned and ran Blazing Saddles bike shop in Rustington but after an offer he could not refuse he decided to join Strada along the coast in Worthing. Glyn has built plenty of wheels over the years and knows his way round the bike trade and we are delighted to have him join the team.

Darren Rawlings

Senior Wheelbuilder
Darren is passionate about the difference a hand built set of wheels can make to the ride and handling of your bike. He has seen (and trued) enough machine made wheels to know the difference a skilled wheelbuilder working in conjunction with a customer can make to the handling and performance of your bike. He has built over 1500 wheels in last 3 years alone and plays a central role here at Strada Wheels. Darren trained with Mavic in the UK and DT Swiss in Switzerland but more importantly he has 10 + years experience in hand wheel building. Darren has Cytech level 3 qualifications in Wheel and Bicycle maintenance. Darren rode for 3 years on the GB trials team and hates walking anywhere.

Jonathan Day

I have run my own business for the last 10 years and launched Strada in November 2009 after working with Darren to build a set of wheels for my own bike. We realised there were some great rims and components not getting the exposure they deserved – so we came to conclusion we had to launch our own wheel building business. I am the owner and director of Strada, I deal with sales, customer service, marketing and the website.

Josh Lawless

Tester and Supported Rider
Strada are proud to be sponsoring Josh Lawless. Josh was based in Brittany for 2014 racing in the ultra competitive season (with som egreat results) but will be UK based for 2015. Josh cycles approximately 250km per week as part of his training routine and will be posting race reports + photos + reviews on the Strada blog. Josh can be spotted going on long rides from his base in the Surrey hills or in bed resting. Josh says - "The plan for 2015 is pretty simple; try to compete in some lower end UCI races and claim a few UCI points. Win some of the National B level races that I will be doing and win an Elite Britsh race with a smattering of other good placings in other big races and hopefully this will actually enable to start earning from riding my bike come 2016."

Chris Noble

Supported Rider
Hi I'm Chris, I've been racing endurance and XC racing for the last 4 years. 2014 has been my most successful season, winning the Bontrager 24:12 (my first 24 hour race at my first attempt) which was a huge achievement for me. I also had podium finishes at Margam Madness, Elrestoke 6 and the Gorrick 100. 2015 will see me start training and competing in triathlons, with the end goal being Xterra (off road triathlon), so I won't be straying too far away from the XC bike! I race on a KTM Myroon 29er with Strada Carbon 29er wheelset and XX-1 Drivetrain.