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Tag Archives: velocity a23 rims

A23 Chris King R45 review

The A23 wheels and Chris King R45 hubs not only look fantastic they roll really smoothly and both the ease of acceleration and comfort surprised me.

A23 review | “I’m highly impressed”

To cut a long story to something shorter, I’m highly impressed with these wheels and their associated build. In fact I’m willing to go a little bit further. These A23’s are the best feeling and most comfortable clinchers I’ve ever ridden.

Customer “I sold my Zipp 303s and kept my A23s!”

The A23s were faultless, no flex, really good ride and the braking (especially in the wet) was much more consistent than the Zipps.

A23 review | the fastest, lightest and most comfortable wheels I’ve ridden!

Simon from Chipping Norton has sent in this review of his Strada Velocity A23 wheels -I’ve now done around 250 miles on my new Strada wheels, and I can safely say that they are the fastest, lightest and most comfortable wheels I’ve ridden!

Paris – Roubaix Sportif wheels

Carl from Surrey wanted a set of wheels for the Paris – Roubaix Sportif in April. We decided on…read more

Velocity A23s + Goldtec hubs wheelset despatched

This week Stewart from Glasgow will (deep snow permitting) receive his Velocity A23 wheelset to go on his new…read more

thewashingmachinepost review part 1 now online

Brian at thewashingmachinepost took delivery of a set of Velocity A23 wheels with Goldtec hubs made here at Strada…read more

Velocity A23 wheels

This Velocity A23 rim and Goldtec road hub wheelset have been despatched to Brian in Scotland. I look forward…read more



650c carbon wheels | Corima 650c for Bex

Strada built a pair of Corima 650c carbon tubs for Bex… 1225g the pair, ready for the 2014 TT season.

650c carbon tubular wheels from Corima, built by Strada