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Lighter, wider, stronger and hookless – ENVE do it AGAIN! The new ENVE M SERIES 29er rims usher in a new era of carbon mountain bike rims that are ride tuned for discipline specific performance; and plays host to new ENVE technologies that promise a ride experience second to none. Focusing on developing individual rims designed for specific disciplines of riding means that each rim is built to offer a no compromise ride.

Note – this is a rim only price, please call Strada or use the contact form to discuss a custom ENVE wheelset as we hand build all wheels to order.


INTRODUCING THE ENVE M SERIES 29er – what ENVE have tried (and succeeded) to do with the new M SERIES rims is to decrease weight whilst simultaneously increasing vertical compliance, lateral stiffness and impact resistances, to achieve all three of these aims whilst reducing the weight of a rim seems impossible but ENVE have done it – the result is the ENVE M SERIES. The reduction of weight can be seen by comparing the new M50 fifty 29er rim with the previous generation XC rim, the previous rim weighed a very respectable 385 grams the M5o weighs 330 grams, this means a saving of 110 grams of rotational mass per wheelset.

The ENVE M SERIES 29er rims also all come in different widths and depths designed specifically for the discipline they will be used for. ENVE have done this by paring each rim with the width of the most prominent tyres used for each discipline, the result is a set of rims designed to work with the tyres you love. In addition to developing new rim widths based on tyre choice, ENVE have also developed a new hookless bead design, this improves the tubeless nature of the ENVE rims allowing riders to run lower pressures with even less risks of burping and pinch flats. ENVE Lead Engineer Brett Satterthwaite stated, “Our beadless hook design has performance implications that include better tubeless performance, pinch flat resistance, and impact durability. It is a design that truly plays to the strengths of full carbon construction.

There are three new rims in the ENVE M SERIES 29er catergory, the M50 fifty, the M60 forty, M60 forty HV (high volume) and the M70 thirty + M70 thirty HV. Each rim is designed and built around a specific discipline of mountain biking, the M50 fifty, for example, is the lightweight attack rim for serious XC racers looking to save every possible gram, for maximum performance. Whilst the M60 forty is still super light it is designed for riders looking for a rim that can stand up to the abuse of enduro riding and the toughest XC races. The M70 thirty is a rim built for riders who love descents, but accept that the best downhills require an uphill to get there.

Have a look below to see what ENVE have to say about their new rims, a little on the technical side and what Darren, Strada’s very own wheel expert and XC racer, has to say on the new rim.

The M50 fifty – here’s ENVE have to say about the M50: based on feedback from Sho-Air and Cannondale Factory Racing Teams, our M50 features a ride quality defined by vertical compliance that improves efficiency over rough terrain and prevents fatigue caused by hard hours in an unsuspended saddle. The M50 won’t make the effort hurt less, but we promise your effort will be rewarded more than ever before, the M50 weighs 330g per rim.

The M60 forty (M60 2.1 – 2.25 wide tyres, M60 HV 2.3 – 2.4 wide tyres) – the width and strength of the M60 will prompt many riders to view this as the ultimate Trail or Enduro setup while others will acknowledge its low weight and apply it in the XC racing environment. Regardless of application, we made this rim for the rider who loves mountain biking. It’s our promise that this rim will elevate the fun factor of your ride experience to levels previously undiscovered. The M60 weighs 397g per rim. 

The M70 thirty (M70 2.3 – 2.4 wide tyres, M70 HV 2.4 – 2.5 wide tyres) – the made this rim acknowledging that some of the most epic mountain bike descents require a lot of pedaling to get there. While this rim is light enough for uphill travel its pedigree resides in downhill racing. Sharing similar dimensions with its World Cup proven big brother the M90, the M70 is built for the most aggressive Enduros and Big Mountain lines you can throw at it. The M70 weighs 481g per rim.

Technical Aspect – ENVE go to great lengths to insure that their rims are built to the highest standards using the latest technology and techniques. Unlike other carbon rim manufactures ENVE  have a moulding process for the spoke and valve holes, this means that the carbon fibres are continuous around the holes allowing for maximum spoke tension. ENVE also mould in a conical nipple seat reducing spoke breakage because of increased nipple articulation. ENVE’s choice to use an internal nipple is down to their belief that it produces a wheel of superior quality  due to a more consistent build and a stronger structure, it also virtually eliminates the needed for retruing, providing the builder does a thorough job, which can be guaranteed by Strada.  To achieve the incredibly low weights, we have all come to expect from ENVE, they have created a removable bladder system which means that no debris is left inside the rim, saving weight for you and making our job of building them easier. All of this is done on-sight in Utah, where ENVE regularly torture test their rims, both laterally and with spoke tests, so that their rims meet the UCI guidelines. Although on-sight production does increase the price it also means they have full control over the quality of their products insuring that every ENVE branded rim is up to there incredibly high standards. These are the reasons we at Strada love building, and riding, ENVE rims.

ENVE products also come with a 5 year warranty and a lifetime crash replacement policy.

Additional information

Type of M Series rim

M50 Fifty, M60 Forty, M70 Thirty

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