Stans Grail | Versatile CX Gravel + Road disc rim

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The Grail is a versatile multi terrain disc brake option for those cyclists wanting a wheel to do a bit of everything. With a weight of 460g it is designed to withstand higher tyre pressures (+40psi) and we find it builds up nicely and has a good join.


Stans say – from our much copied wider rim design to our ground-breaking Bead Socket Technology rim profile, we’ve made a habit of thinking outside the box-section when it comes to rim design. Our new Grail continues the NoTubes tradition of function-first innovation. Countless hours spent working with our professional road racers and cyclocross team led us to create what just might be the ultimate disc-specific rim for road, ’cross and gravel.

The Stans Grail is just over 24mm wide and featuring our deepest profile (24.5mm), the Grail is the most aerodynamic rim we’ve ever made. Though it rivals much deeper designs in the wind tunnel, we designed the Grail to be much more than just fast in a straight line. Our variable wall thickness spoke bed maximizes durability and ensures consistent spoke tension while keeping weight low.

The Grail’s internal rim channel and true BST sidewalls combine to lend additional strength and create a tire profile that’s simply faster. Put to the test in some of the harshest racing conditions, the Grail has proven it has what it takes to accelerate quicker and roll faster than the competition. The Grail redefines tubeless road and cyclocross performance.

Strada says – this rim is a versatile multi terrain option for those cyclists wanting a disc wheel to do a bit of everything so with a weight of 460g it is designed to withstand higher tyre pressures (+40psi) than the Iron Cross. We find it builds up nicely and has a good join.

The Grail is wider then than the company’s Iron Cross cyclocross rim but about 75g heavier. However, where the Iron Cross has a maximum inflation limit of 40psi, the new Grail can take up to 100psi, making it more suitable for road and mixed terrain. The rim uses Stan’s unique rim profile, which incorporates their Bead Socket Technology. This is essentially a sidewall that is 2-4mm lower than a regular rim and which secures the tyre bead firmly into place. Once it’s locked in there it’s not budging.

The Grail rim features the Alpha’s deeper center channel to help with mounting the stiff beads of Road Tubeless tyres and like the Alpha is compatible with Road Tubeless tyre beads and their higher pressure stresses. It also embraces the Iron Cross’ width, at 20.3mm internal (Iron Cross is 20mm), and the wider shoulders next to the channel that help prevent burps.


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