Scope O2 | All Road, CX + XC MTB

The new Scope O2 multi purpose rim is a hookless tubeless carbon rim designed for cyclocross, gravel and XC MTB rim use with a 25 mm internal and 31 mm external width. It is the first AAA Schwalbe approved for tubeless tyre compatibility. The O2 is shallow (23mm) for vertical give and is light weighing in at 370g each.   Strada are hand building these Scope O2 rims with Aivee MP4 centre lock hubs and black bladed spokes at 1440g the pair. 


The new Scope O2 rim required a different approach to wheel rim design. Scope wanted to develop a proper race wheelset that would offer a better balance of weight, lateral stiffness, comfort and durability than rivals available for premium cyclocross, gravel or XC MTB racing.

To hit that balanced all-around race goal, Scope worked closely with Schwalbe to develop their new 31mm external, 25mm internal rim profile with a hookless tubeless bead and a 3mm lacing offset. At just 23mm deep, the new Scope O2 rim claims improved compliance (hence more comfort) than commonly deeper sections that can stand up to proper XC & even XCM racing. In a first of what we expect to see more of, the rims have a AAA certification from Schwalbe, rating them as the best sealing interface between rim and tubeless tyre.

Part of the lightweight durability also comes from a new nipple reinforcement method Scope developed for the O2 wheel. Named Local Reinforcement Technology (LRT), the spoke bed remains really thin, with just additional material around the moulded in spoke holes to handle spoke tension. Scope says the move let them trim 10% off the rim weight while maintaining strength and durability.

When creating a specification for this project, it was the aim of Scope to develop the best-in-class off-road wheelset for all road,  gravel bikes and XC mountain bikes. Where most of their competitors are focusing on one specific area such as weight, lateral stiffness, comfort or durability, it was the aim of Scope Cycling to combine all the important product characteristics into one all-round off-road wheelset.


A 3 mm offset in the rim ensures that the spoke tension of the Non-Drive Side and Drive Side are near-equal for better lateral stiffness and durability performance.


According Scope’s philosophy, durability goes above weight. For that reason, no compromises have been made in regard to the bearings, sealing, spokes, or rim profile. Hence, in order to be best-in-class when it comes to weight as well, Scope developed its own LOCAL REINFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY (LRT). This unique production technology locally reinforces the rim at the spoke holes, whereas normally the entire spoke hole section is reinforced. By making use of this unique technology, Scope has been able to reduce the overall wall thickness of their rims and realized a weight reduction of 10%. This resulted in a total set weight of 1380 gram, which given the rim width, the tubeless ready system and overall durability of this wheelset is unique in the market.


The tyre-bed profile of the new Scope O2 rims makes use of a 25-mm internal width tubeless-ready hookless tyrebed developed in cooperation with Schwalbe tyres for perfect mounting, inflation and on-pressure properties.