Pacenti Forza Carbon Disc Rim

Forza Carbon, this asymmetric 30mm disc rim from Pacenti is one of the best carbon rims we have built with.  

  • The inner width of 21 mm boosts air volume and ride control by creating a more optimal tire profile
  • Asymmetric design enhances spoke tension and wheel strength with offset hub flanges
  • 30 mm depth gives an ideal compromise around acceleration and rolling weight
  • 24h and 28h drillings are lightweight and suitable for most racing applications
  • 32h drilling provides the ultimate durability for adventure/endurance riders

The Forza-C rims are optimized specifically for tubeless tires. You can run tubes if needed but always run tubeless tyres. The hookless construction of our Forza-C rims is not compatible with non-tubeless tires.


Material: UD Carbon   
Inner Width: 21.3mm
Outer Width: 26.6mm
Height: 30mm
Use: Road, Gravel, Cross
Weight: 365g
Technologies: Tubeless, Hookless