Novatec Superlight hubs | light good value

Novatec Superlight hubs – good value and light hubs from Taiwan with Shimano 10-11 or Campagnolo freehubs.


Novatec Superlight hubs – this is the super light version not to be confused with the standard A291SB & F482SB/F582SB. As well as being lighter than the standard hubs they are fitted with higher quality Japanese EZO bearings. Black, 20 + 24 + 28 hubs at 288g a pair.

Strada says – the anti bite guard is a welcome addition and the weight is low. Expect 4-5000 km from the bearings with sensible maintenance. Then swap them out to some top of the line SKF bearings for maximum life. The front hub flanges bracing angle (flange to edge of hub) is a little narrow for bigger riders. Campagnolo lockrings can be a bit tricky to fit and a longer threaded aftermarket one can help. Replacement freehubs are cheap at £30 each. If you are planning to ride day in, day out then the DT Swiss 350 is more durable or for a light CNC’d hub see the Aivee SR5.

Key features –
Novatec ABG Anti Bite Guard Cassette Body
11 Speed (includes spacer for 10 speed cassettes)
Japanese EZO sealed bearings fitted with easy to find sizes.
Colour – Black

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