Lightweight Edelhelfer Cage | 18g bottle cage

A nice understated finishing touch for your bike. The Lightweight EDELHELFER is made using the same method as used for their spokes and weighs in at a mere 18 g. As you see, Lightweight think of every detail. Just like you.


Lightweight Edelhelfer | as a fan of Lightweight, you are just as attentive to detail as we are. Like us, you focus not only on design, but also on function – on saving every last gram of weight. For that precise reason, we have taken a closer look at the components that are attached directly to your bike frame – for example, a bottle holder. And so, our LIGHTWEIGHT EDELHELFER  CAGE (German for “Precious Helper”) in the typical Lightweight spoke design weighs in at a mere 18 g. No more than a CD or a fig roll. And because an EDELHELFER always carries something, we also offer you the corresponding RESERVETANK in two sizes. As you see, we think of every detail. Just like you.

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