King Cage | Non-Marking Bottle Cages in Titanium

King Cage titanium 28g bottle cages are handcrafted in Durango, Colorado, to produce a bottle cage that looks great and works perfectly without marking your bottles.

More stock due in soon. Call for details please.


King Cage was born in 1991.  Whilst the founder, Ron Andrews, was working at One Off Titanium. A customer asked if he could get a bottle cage made from titanium.  He gave it a go and has been making them since. The popular stainless steel cage was introduced in 1996. All King Cages are handmade in Ron’s garage in Durango, CO, from all USA-sourced materials.

The King Cage titanium cage is made from 3-2.5mm tubing and is designed to not only hold your bottle perfectly but to leave it completely unmarked. The all Ti construction means it’s superlight weight only 28g.

Here’s Ron making a titanium King Cage.


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