ENVE SES 2.2 | A Climbers Delight

The ENVE Smart 2.2 rim is the latest rim from ENVE and is designed for climbing. More rim details down below. Use the ENVE SMART road wheel configurator to build your ENVE 2.2 wheels. These are priced as a standard as a PAIR with Aivee SR2 hubs, ENVE SES rims, black CX Ray spokes, 4x brake pads, rim tape + valve extenders, 5 yr rim warranty and UK delivery. Hub upgrades via the dropdown. 


The Enve SES 2.2 Wheelset is a rim brake specific design that has become the ultimate climber’s wheel.  Designed for the pro rider and optimised for 25mm tyres, the Enve SES 2.2 gives  you lightweight performance for conquering the steepest mountain passes.

New Features:

The Enve SES 2.2 underwent in-frame development in the Mercedes GP-Petronas wind tunnel in order to define the final shape of the rim, optimising aerodynamics and stability in real-world conditions. The team worked to optimise the rim profile within the context of bicycle frames. Using speed sweeps they were able to ensure predictable performance in most gusty conditions. Unlike the rest of the SES family, the 2.2 is unique in that it was aerodynamically optimised to be matched with 25c tyres for lower rolling resistance. Due to that rim depth, the front and rear rims sport the same profile. The Enve SES 2.2 has a rim weight of 410g (Tubular),  a low and wide profile (25mm deep x 27mm wide) and when combined with a quality hub and spoke combination provides greater lateral stiffness


These wheels also stand out within the SES line in that they feature an innovative in-mould brake track to improve stopping power over long descents. It features a nail file texture and is used in conjunction with new and improved brake pads. Enve says the braketrack has better longevity than its predecessor, functions dramatically better in wet conditions and requires 30% less force at the brake lever to use.

In summary, the Enve SES 2.2 wheelset inspires confidence regardless of terrain or weather conditions thanks to its strength, aerodynamic optimisation, incredible crosswind stability and unmatched braking power.

Rim Specifications:

  • Enve SES 2.2 Tubular Rim
    • Weight: 410g
    • Hole counts: 20, 24
    • Rim depth: 25mm
    • Rim width (outer): 27mm
  • Includes Enve rim strip and brake pads x4.
  • 5 yr warranty

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