DT Swiss XR 361 | CX, XC + Marathon

The DT Swiss XR 361 rim is suitable for disc brake cross-country, marathon, gravel or cyclocross use where the rider is looking for the lightest, most durable wheel possible.


Strada says about the DT Swiss XR-361:

We really like building wheels with DT Swiss rims due to their even extrusion, quality of the weld joint and overall roundness. These characteristics allow us to build durable wheels with a high degree of precision and low spoke tension variance which makes for happy wheel builders and quality wheel sets.

DT Swiss XR 361: with race organisers setting physically tougher and more technically challenging courses, XC racers are looking to increase the size of their race tyres for improved handling, this means that race wheels also need to widen up. DT Swiss responded to this need with a new profile: the DT Swiss XR 361. It’s an asymmetrical extrusion designed to offer the best possible strength and stiffness to weight ratio of any wide alloy rim. Thanks it’s PHR nipple-spoke interface, (which distributes the loads on a big area of the rims surface), the wall thicknesses can be kept really low. Therefore, reducing the rotational mass on your bike to as low as possible.

A 22.5 mm internal width makes these ideal for high volume 2.2-2.4 inch XC race tyres. The rim bed is tubeless optimised to provide fast tyre installation, a great tyre fit and quick trouble-free tubeless setup, of course you also have the option to run standard inner tubes. It really is the Ultimate aluminium lightweight welded XC rim.

Although the DT Swiss XR 361 looks as wide as some DH rims from a few years ago. We should point out that the XR 361 is very much race orientated wheelset. As such has a maximum suggested system weight of 100 KG. For heavier riders or those looking for more durability we would advise you to give our XM designated trail rims a look.

Key XR-361 Features:

  • Use : Cyclocross, Cross Country, Marathon, Light Trail
  • Type of rim: clincher
  • Internal width: 22.5 mm
  • External width: 26 mm
  • Rim height: 18 mm
  • Offset: 3 mm (asymmetrical)
  • Number of holes: 28 or 32 holes
  • Tubeless: yes
  • Recommended tyre width: 35-68 mm
  • Maximum tyre pressure: 5.5 bar
  • Maximum rider (inc kit) weight: 100 kg
  • Finish: matt
  • Colour: black
  • Weight: 27.5 390g / | 29/700c 410g