DT Swiss 240 disc hubs | versatile durable quality hubs

DT Swiss 240 disc hubs are well sealed, durable, light and versatile for road disc, cyclocross and MTB use. Note -these are supplied to us as with a 10 speed hub and you need to purchase an 11 speed freehub if needed to match your groupset.


DT Swiss 240 disc hub in 28 or 32 hole, centerlock or 6 bolt. The most popular hub in the DT Swiss 240s line-up, these center lock® hubs are perfect for offering the most versatility. From convertible 15 mm front hubs to various completely convertible rear hubs of 142 mm and 135 mm thru bolt versions, the 240s Center Lock® disc hubs are perfect for the rider looking for top end performance all day long in their wheels.

Strada says – we like the DT Swiss 240 as it is well sealed, is fitted with quality press fit bearings and engages quickly with the star ratchet system. It is versatile in so much as it can be configured to run on a variety of different axle systems by swapping axle end caps (and or freehubs). Available in the lighter centerlock version for use with Shimano rotors or the 6 bolt version for 6 bolt rotors.

Weight (centerlock) Rear – 218g, front 126g.

10 or 11 speed freehub – this hub is supplied to us with a 10 speed freehub as standard BUT can be upgraded to 11 speed with a upgrade in the drop down. The additional cost can be offset by selling the 10 speed freehub on Ebay for about £30. The Centrerlock hub is lightest version and if not being used with Shimano IceTech RT99 rotors they can be used with a DT Swiss adapter with regular 6 bolt discs.

The mid price DT Swiss 350 is a good alternative option.

DT Swiss hubs have earned their legendary reputation for quality and performance. There are multiple features that make this product a winner: The Ratchet System® driver mechanism is extremely durable, reliable and can be serviced without special tools in minutes, thanks to its simple press fit assembly. The press fit assembly also allows all hubs to work in almost any currently existing axle configuration, making them compatible with almost every bike. The contact free seals and high precision build guarantee smooth bearings; every bit of the rider’s energy is transformed into forward momentum. These features and the super lightweight design of all the hub parts highlights the racing legacy of this classic hub.

Axle end caps – all DT Swiss 180, 240s and 350 rear hubs can be converted into the current axle systems by swapping the press fit end pieces without the need of tools.

Ratchets – two high precision star ratchets ensure quick and safe engagements and are ultra reliable. The press fit assembly allows for quick and easy servicing.

Freehubs – on all DT Swiss Ratchet System® hubs the rotor body is exchangeable without tools.