Aivee SR5 road hubs | CNC’d in France

Aivee SR5 road hubs are CNC’s in France and our favourites here at Strada. The clever flange placement allows even spoke tensions making a good light strong wheel.


Aivee SR5 road hubs have become a firm favourite for Strada over the last few months. Aivee are French based manufacturers who have used their wheelbuilding experience (from the sister company) to design and build a rear hub which significantly reduces the difference in spoke tension between the drive and non drive side. This has been a particular problem since groupsets have gone to 11 speed and many manufacturers have struggled to get a good even tension between each side. Even spoke tensions means less chance of spoke breakage and rattling loose.  Aivee, by shifting the location and size of the hub flanges have managed to make a big jump with the Aivee SR5 road hubs. We have tested this using our digital DT Swiss Tensiometer and the results are impressive. Made from 7075 alloy and Japanese bearings they are well sealed but we recommend them for summer / dry use predominantly. 10/11 speed ready supplied with a spacer. Good for Zipp and other carbon rim rebuilds too.

Colours: Available in red or black with other options available shortly.

Drillings:  20, 24, 28 32 hole.

Weight: Front 81g, Rear 212g

Strada says: These Aivee SR5 road hubs are as light as a pair of Tune Mig Mag hubs, CNC’d in France, good value for money and with great flange placement for a strong wheel we like these hubs a lot. They can be supplied with matching Ti QRs and we use the Aivee SR5 road hubs in our Alpine ATTACK! wheelset.