RaceDay Apollo is a multisport training program that built to answer the most challenging questions in athletics. How fast will I be at my race? If I change the way I train, how much better can I expect to be? Exactly how should I build my training and then taper? How long after I train can I expect to feel the benefits of the workout?

RaceDay not only analyzes training, it allows you to build and periodise your training program. You can define key date ranges, set goals and then intelligently build your program for success. It works right from your desktop. You don’t need to pay subscription fees or log onto websites.

Who uses it?

Apollo began as a secret weapon available only to elite athletes. It was built in co-operation with the world class training program at a major triathlon national governing body, and has helped shape the performance of some of the finest ITU athletes. RaceDay Apollo has been used by Dr. Skiba to shape the training of 70.3 World Champion and World Record Holder Joanna Zeiger and 4-time duathlon World Champion Catriona Morrison, to name just a couple. Today, it is being run on the personal computers of pro and amateur athletes around the world.

Do I need to buy a lot of expensive equipment?

Cyclists need at least a cheap heart rate monitor but the best results come with a power meter. RaceDay is compatible with the PowerTap, SRM (V and VI), and the Garmin 205, 305, 405, 500, 705, 800 and 310XT or any of the newer models that export the .TCX or .FIT file format. It will load your files from Polar, Garmin, Powertap, SRM, Computrainer, iBike, and TrainingPeaks WKO+.

Is it easy to use? Do I get tech support?

Not only is it easy to use, we provide free online and telephone tech support from Dr. Philip Skiba. The same person who built the program from the ground up and consults with professional athletes around the world answers your phone calls.

Mac + PC compatible.

33% discount if you purchase a Powertap wheelset from Strada.

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