Enduro Zero ceramic bearings – the ultimate in efficiency. Using ABEC grade 3 ceramic balls and hardened steel surfaces to give the lowest drag possible, ceramic bearings will reduce friction and will save you precious watts while racing. With your wheels containing 6 bearings this is a worthy upgrade.

Ceramic bearings reduce drag in your hubs by being manufactured to a much higher standard than mass manufactured sealed bearings. The bearings are hard and more durable and the steel shell is coated to further reduce resistance. According to tests the use of their ceramic bearings give you an added 20m-40m per 1km ridden. Keep in mind that mechanical drag is unlike aerodynamics – it becomes more and more critical the lower your speed is. According to these tests, the use of ceramic bearings decreases friction 22-fold.

Key Features:

  • LLB seals have two sealing lips on each seal which also fit into a matching groove on the inner race to make a type labyrinth seal.
  • Grade 3 US made silicon nitride ceramic balls – 60% lighter and 7 times harder than steel.
  • Races also made from silicon nitride.
  • Abec 5 precision hardened cryogenically treated chrome steel bearing surfaces.
  • Magnetite corrosion proof coating.
  • Polyamide nylon retainers.
  • Kyudo Yushi PS2 grease with 60-70% fill rate.
  • Weight:XXg per bearing set.
  • Contents: 3 x 6802, 1 x 6902, 2x 699 bearings.
  • Bearings to replace current ones in Strada Road hubs.