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Darren – Strada’s Wheelbuilder

Darren 344x344 Darren – Strada’s WheelbuilderDarren is passionate about the difference a handbuilt set of wheels can make to the ride and handling of your bike. He has seen (and trued) enough machine made wheels to know the difference a skilled wheelbuilder working in conjunction with a client can make to the handling and performance of your bike.

Darren can select different combinations of spokes, vary the tension and the spoke pattern to change the performance characteristics of your wheelset to suit you. No machine built wheel can do this. We can help you to select a wheelset to suit your riding style.

Darren uses the P+K Lie wheel truing stand to true your wheels to within 0.05 mm both laterally and radially (that is about the same width as a human hair). He has built over 1500 wheels in last 3 years alone and plays a central role here at Strada Wheels. Darren trained with Mavic in the UK and DT Swiss in Switzerland but more importantly he has 10 years experience in hand wheel building. Darren has Cytech level 3 qualifications in Wheel and Bicycle maintenance. Darren rode for 3 years on the GB trials team and hates walking anywhere. He is currently training on the South Downs on his Whyte 29er for a XC race campaign in 2013.

Darren provides on site expert wheelbuilding advice and support to all our clients so talk to Strada before you buy your next set of wheels!


650c carbon wheels | Corima 650c for Bex

Strada built a pair of Corima 650c carbon tubs for Bex… 1225g the pair, ready for the 2014 TT season.

650c carbon tubular wheels from Corima, built by Strada


29er carbon XC rims – transform your 29er!

Transform the handling of your 29er! After a lot of exhaustive testing and some tweaks we are really pleased to launch our own label Strada carbon tubeless 29er XC rims.

29er carbon rim