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SKS Rennkompressor | track pump Daddy

The classic SKS Rennkompressor pump - quality never goes out of style.


The SKS Rennkompressor track pump is fantastic, there might be some with fancy features but the quality of this original German made pump is second to none. It has served thousands of shops, pro teams and consumers admirably for decades. In an era of product managers and engineers trying to update a product, the Rennkompressor continues to do what it has done very well for decades – put air in your tyres with a minimum of fuss. This is the daddy of track pumps.

What is so good about? It is 100% rebuildable and every single part is replaceable if necessary. The gauges are extremely reliable and accurate. You buy them cheap or expensive and then cannot get a plunger, gasket, hose, handle, gauge or anything else to correct a fault later. You can with an SKS pump. It is a bit unstable forwards and backwards – so you put a foot on the peg and pump. The SKS Rennkompressor is easily portable – the wooden handle can be unscrewed, the foot pegs flipped up and then you can take pack this pump in a suitcase, bike case or take it on the road. Try that with a pump that has a one piece plastic handle that cannot be removed or a 4 way foot that does not fold up. Another nice feature of the track pump is that the rubber non slip foot cover can be taken off one side. Then, a cable can be run through to secure the pump in a shop or in the field setting so no one can nick it! SKS Rennkompressor – quality never goes out of style.

Made by:
SKS, Germany
Old school cool