ENVE 65 wheels
ENVE 65 wheelsENVE 65 wheelsENVE 65 wheelsENVE 65 wheelsENVE 65 wheelsENVE 65 wheelsENVE 65 wheels

ENVE 65 | Tubular or Clincher

The 65mm ENVE carbon wheelset will work in all situations – crit race, time trial, triathlon. Versatile and good value. 5 year warranty and crash replacement scheme.

Note – this is a rim only price, please call Strada or use the contact form to discuss a custom ENVE wheelset as we hand build all wheels to order.

Product Description

The ENVE 65 rim has stirred plenty of debate as to its ideal application. Some call it the best TT wheel they have ridden, to others their favorite crit wheel, cyclo-crossers swear by them and road racing is a given. Where things get really interesting is that the rim is so light that some racers insist it should even be used for hill climbs. Given this wheel’s uncompromising cornering and aero performance, ENVE pro racers report abnormal amounts of friction amongst team members as they vie for the opportunity to roll the 65s in their priority races vs. other options. The cycling world may be a more harmonious place without the ENVE 65, but it certainly wouldn’t be as fast. Available as: 65 Clincher and 1.65 Tubular (Ultralight). After you have chosen what’s best suited for your discipline, it’s clear you will love the “Founders Favourite”.

Hand built for you personally with Sapim CX Ray bladed spokes, Darren will build these ENVE rims individually to match your physique and riding style to a 0.05mm tolerance. Strada offers a free truing for life policy and the rims come with a 5 year warranty. If you want high quality hubs in a choice of colours from Chris King, DT Swiss or Tune, call Strada to discuss your set of ENVE wheels.

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