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650c carbon wheels | Corima 650c for Bex

Bex wanted a set of race wheels for 650c Time Trial bike and we opted for Corima 650c tubular carbon rims, Sapim CX Ray spokes + Novatec SL hubs. 1225g the pair. Darren said they are super stiff and built up well. We are really pleased with the finished pair. Contact Strada for a quote on your next 650c race wheels.


corima 650 02 650c carbon wheels | Corima 650c for Bex

corima 650 04 650c carbon wheels | Corima 650c for Bex

corima 650 07 650c carbon wheels | Corima 650c for Bex

corima 650 10 650c carbon wheels | Corima 650c for Bex

52 Rail | Cyclist magazine’s first look

Strada are really pleased to see the Rail 52mm carbon clincher wheels in the March 2014 edition of Cyclist magazine, they are holding onto them for a full review later in the season.

cyclist first look 52 Rail | Cyclist magazines first look

Rod’s Rail 52 clinchers

Rod ordered a pair of Rail 52 carbon clinchers for his new bike and we were pleased to receive this beauty in our inbox recently…

rod t rail 52 Rods Rail 52 clinchers

Hi guys,

After months of slowly building my new bike it’s finally ready to ride. It’s a shame the weather it’s playing ball but at least it will be nice and clean for a while longer.

The Rail 52 wheels really set the bike off. Looking forward to seeing how the frame and wheels ride.

Best regards, Rod T

Get in touch with Strada for a pair of 34mm or 52mm Rail rims for your bike on 01903 750040 or use the contact form to get in touch.

Corebike 2014 B2B trade show | interesting bits and pieces

We drove up to Silverstone on monday for a look round Corebike 2014 and to meet the distributors and manufacturers we use throughout the year. It is a great opportunity to see new products, catch up on news and look at lines we might want to stock in the workshop. Here are a few products which interested us, other cycle websites will give you full detailed coverage naturally.

Lightweight are amazing for their quality and workmanship. The build process, lightweight (doh!) and customer service are first class. The Autobahn disc rear is super light and beautiful to hold. The ribbons of carbon on the surface are structural and made from military specification carbon.

lightweight wheels 1 620x413 Corebike 2014 B2B trade show | interesting bits and pieces

The new Lightweight Urgelstat frame was on display too. Designed to work in conjunction with the wheel system to provide a comfortable ride over longer distances it looks gorgeous and slightly menacing…

lightweight urgelstat 620x413 Corebike 2014 B2B trade show | interesting bits and pieces

The San Marco Super Legarra saddles weighs only 110 grams! Weightweenies will love this. Each is weighed and the weight hand written on the label along with the signature of the person who made it.

san marco super leggera 310x464 Corebike 2014 B2B trade show | interesting bits and pieces

Hope were there with their new colour line – Purple!

hope purple hubs 620x413 Corebike 2014 B2B trade show | interesting bits and pieces

The Stages crank arm based powermeter is quickly gaining a position in the UK market and quite rightly so – it is small, well sealed against UK weather and can be used with any wheelset which can be attached to the bike. Clever.

stages crank 620x413 Corebike 2014 B2B trade show | interesting bits and pieces

And finally – plenty of new tyre options from one of our favourite manufacturers – Continental. This Grandsport is going to be a good seller at £60 a pair with a sticky / durable rubber used.

continental grandsport tyre 620x413 Corebike 2014 B2B trade show | interesting bits and pieces

Surly Disc Trucker | Mike’s bike


Surly Trucker 620x413 Surly Disc Trucker | Mikes bikeMichael (the workshop lad) Surly Bikes Disc Trucker is ALIVE! The long distance bike is being prepared for a trip round SE Asia later this year. After sitting round the workshop as a box of bits for a good few weeks Darren built it last weekend for Mike. Shimano 105 triple groupset, disc brakes, Archetype rims, dynamo front hub and a sturdy rack for hauling kit. He plans to send back a few reports from his adventures as he goes providing he does not get distracted by the good life and beach side bars…

Archetype review | David M

David M Trek 620x462 Archetype review | David M

Here is a mini review of David M’s Archetype wheels -

Hello Jon,

Just a quick note to let you know how I’m getting on with the Archetype wheels. They were on and off my best bike over the summer depending on the kind of riding I was doing but they now have a more permanent home on my new Trek Domane.

They’re still running as true as the day the arrived, and have proven stiff, comfortable and reasonably light. I’m very happy with them.

Thanks, David

White Industries Eccentric ENO rear wheel

John from Bristol wanted a White Industries Ecccentric ENO rear wheel to convert his road bike to a singlespeed winter bike. We built it into a H Plus Son F30 rim with Sapim Race black spokes and nipples for a tough daily ride. The ENO is a clever way to adapt a road bike with vertical dropouts to singlespeed use.

white industries eno hub 620x620 White Industries Eccentric ENO rear wheel

PowerTap GS hubs

Powertap GS: with the expertise of power measurement which can only come with 15+ years of experience, PowerTap looked to DT Swiss and their renowned reputation for quality and performance to join efforts in creating the PowerTap GS.

This hub will suit a deeper section carbon rim such as our Rail carbon clincher. Due in stock: 01 February 2014

 PowerTap GS hubs

Utilizing a 24 spoke straight pull hub shell, the GS features DT Swiss Ratchet System technology, press fit assembly with contact-free seals, bearings and exchangeable rotor body. Everything you’d expect from a DT Swiss hub, but the GS also houses PowerTap electronics, which provide you with power accuracy of +/- 1.5%.

DT Swiss 240 straight pull hub shell
24 hole drilling
DT Swiss bearings
Shimano/SRAM or Campy compatible
320 grams rear / 107 grams front
Power accuracy of +/- 1.5%
Field-serviceable electronics


 PowerTap GS hubs

About the DT Swiss Freeehub: DT Swiss hubs have earned their legendary reputation for quality and performance. There are multiple features that make this product a winner: The Ratchet System® driver mechanism is extremely durable, reliable and can be serviced without special tools in minutes, thanks to its simple press fit assembly. The press fit assembly also allows all hubs to work in almost any currently existing axle configuration, making them compatible with almost every bike. The contact free seals and high precision build guarantee smooth bearings; every bit of the rider’s energy is transformed into forward momentum. These features and the super lightweight design of all the hub parts highlights the racing legacy of this classic hub.

H Plus Son Archetype rims in new grey

We have been receiving the new darker grey H Plus Son Archetype rims through from the distributor and we are pleased with the new finish. It works really well with the Ultegra groupset in our opinion. It has the new dark grey anodisation layer over the machined side wall which will wear through for rim braking but it looks great when used on a disc braked bike.

Archetype new grey rim 2 H Plus Son Archetype rims in new grey

ENVE 6.7 Smart review

Osama is a Brit living in Dubai and recently ordered a new pair of wheels for his bike. We built a pair of ENVE Smart 6.7 carbon clinchers with DT Swiss 180 hubs and Sapim CX Ray spokes. We opted for 2 white CX Rays per wheel to tie with the minimal decals on the Cervelo. Overall we are really pleased with the way it looks. Osama sent and photo and a quick review below -


The wheelset is just absolutely gorgeous and look amazing on my Cervélo RCa… great suggestion to have the white spray! Most importantly, they ride terrifically. Build quality is first class, super stiff and fast. I love the whir and the DT180s are awesome and have such a gentle sound…

RCa Cervelo ENVE 6.7 Smart review

I took them out for a 50k spin across a desert cycle path in Dubai at sunset. Aside from a scary confrontation with an Oryx, the ride was exceptional despite the painfully strong wind. I have to thank you for convincing me to go for the 6.7s instead of 3.4s.

Attached is an iPhone pic with them fitted on my new Cervelo RCa. I’ll send something a little more artistic once my dura-ace pedals arrive (massive shortage in Dubai!).

Thanks a million to you and all the team!

Best, Osama

ENVE 67 DT Swiss 180 02 ENVE 6.7 Smart review
ENVE 67 DT Swiss 180 04 ENVE 6.7 Smart review

ENVE 67 DT Swiss 180 05 ENVE 6.7 Smart review
ENVE 67 DT Swiss 180 07 ENVE 6.7 Smart review

ENVE 67 DT Swiss 180 08 ENVE 6.7 Smart review



650c carbon wheels | Corima 650c for Bex

Strada built a pair of Corima 650c carbon tubs for Bex… 1225g the pair, ready for the 2014 TT season.

650c carbon tubular wheels from Corima, built by Strada